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Published On: August 4, 2022

Follow KeyForge: Winds of Exchange on Gamefound!

TEAM GHOST GALAXY is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the amazing crew at Gamefound to launch a crowdfunding campaign for “Winds of Exchange”, the long-awaited KeyForge set, on their amazing software platform.

The Campaign Preview site has been launched here, and we look forward to begin updating the campaign with news of the novelties and products that backers will receive (not to worry, we’ll also be posting news here on

The actual Gamefound campaign will launch next month (September ’22), so be sure to “follow” the campaign, to receive updates and information.


After the dual hurricanes of pandemic and loss of the original deck-creation software engine, the pace and production of KeyForge was severely affected. When Ghost Galaxy acquired the IP and game in June ’22, there was much uncertainty as to the state of the game, and there remains much to do.

A few new cards from “KeyForge: Winds of Exchange”

The Gamefound campaign allows us to gauge whether the support of the player base is as robust as hoped when we acquired the game. It will help us fund the important work of recreating the deck-generation software engine, facilitate the transition of the “Master Vault” database and player-accounts, and––of course–allow us to gauge proper demand for a product like “KeyForge: Winds of Exchange” so that we may produce the product in sensible quantities.

Much Will Be Revealed

Over the course of the campaign (which is expected to start in September), and in the weeks ahead, we’ll unveil a number of exciting KeyForge related news, previews, and fun facts. If you’re interested (and we hope you are), please “follow” the campaign and help us spread the word to every corner of the Crucible .

May Your Keys Always Turn,

-The Ghost Galaxy Team.

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