What’s Inside the Vaults?

Published On: March 22, 2024

You, taking the role of a mighty Archon in the world of the Crucible, have arrived at one of the five Vault Tours run by Ghost Galaxy. You’re ready to forge keys, engage in epic battles, and have a jam-packed weekend of KeyForge fun with a community that is as unique as the game. But where do you start, and what can you expect?


Players will need to find Tournament HQ at the venue (this will be a desk or table marked with a sign) to register for the event and receive a badge with a branded KeyForge lanyard. This is also the place to ask any questions or get important event information over the whole weekend.

Registering includes a goody bag! For Vault Tour 2024, goody bags will be a cloth, logo printed bag filled with the following: three KeyForge: Grim Reminders Archon Decks*, one Vault Tour Pin (with location name specific to that event), and a mystery item that will be revealed at the first Vault Tour stop!

*These decks may be used in the Sealed event and shouldn’t be opened if that’s how a player intends to use them

Side event and tournament registration is separate from event registration. Players will need to register for each tournament they want to participate in after checking into the event. Event staff will make announcements when registration for each activity opens, so players should listen closely!

Lanyard and Some Goody Bag Contents

Main Tournaments

Three Main Tournaments will be held at every Vault Tour stop, one for each of KeyForge’s three competitive formats: Sealed, Archon, and Alliance. Additional information on these formats and how they are run can be found on the Tournament Formats and Rules page.

Attendees are invited to participate in as many Main Tournaments as they have access to. Archon and Alliance tournaments will run simultaneously for well attended events, so participants must choose which format they wish to play.

Note that each Main Tournament requires spending one Event Key from the KeyForge Master Vault. Additional information on Organized Play policies and obtaining an Event Key can be found on the What is Organized Play? page.

Every Main Tournament will have a registration period (typically one hour, but may be longer or shorter for some events) and a start time. Players are encouraged to show up in the early part of the registration period to ensure they have a spot, and may not be able to participate if they show up after the start time.

Champion Prize Package

All Main Tournaments will offer the same fantastic prizing to Top 8 competitors, including a chance to become a Vault Warrior* and earn an invite the the KeyForge 2024 World Championship!**

Prize packages will vary on overall placement, but Vault Tour Champions will take home a package that includes two special mystery deck displays (each with 12 decks marked for the specific Vault Tour!), a unique Champion playmat, a Champion achievement pin, and a glass trophy.

Runner-up finishers (and the rest of the Top 8) can expect a combination of mystery display(s) or mystery deck(s), playmats, and pins.

* Vault Warrior qualification and benefits are for 1st place aka “Champion” participants only; they do not pass to 2nd place participants when a 1st place finisher has already qualified

** World Championship invites pass to the the next top finisher if 1st place has already qualified for the World Championship in the specific format


Sealed Main Tournaments will take place on the Friday of each Vault Tour. Registration period is planned for 12:00pm, while start time is set for 1:30pm. Judging and event staff must inspect sealed deck packaging during registration, so arriving well in advance is encouraged for a smooth experience.

Players may use between one and three decks for the Sealed event, either bringing their own or using the sealed decks provided in the goody bag. Sealed decks must be in complete, undamaged manufacturer sealed packaging before registering to the tournament.


Archon Main Tournaments will take place on the Saturday of each Vault Tour. Registration period is planned for 10:00am, while start time is set for 11:00am. Registration is expected to be brisk, but arriving early is still encouraged.

Players may use any unmodified Archon deck from a tournament legal set that is scanned into their Master Vault (for details on the Master Vault and deck ownership, see the Master Vault Deck Ownership page) or the Master Vault of someone marked as a Friend in their account.

Archon deck cards with a deck’s unique QR Code and deck list are required. A deck may not be used without the appropriate card.


Alliance Main Tournaments will take place on the Saturday of each Vault Tour. Registration period is planned for 10:00am, while start time is set for 11:00am. Deck inspection will be performed during registration to ensure compliance with the Alliance Restricted List, so players are encouraged to arrive well in advance.

Players may use an Alliance deck that is constructed from a single tournament legal set using the My Alliances tool in the Master Vault. Alliance decks may be constructed from any deck scanned into a player’s Master Vault or the Master Vault of someone marked a Friend in their account.

A deck QR Code generated from My Alliances and the Archon deck card of each deck used in the Alliance deck are required. A deck may not be used if a player has not obtained the QR Code or does not possess the appropriated Archon deck cards.

Second Æmber

Second Æmber is a casual tournament that offers a continuance of play for participants who are eliminated from Main Tournaments. Players are invited to visit Tournament HQ to register for Second Æmber tournaments beginning after the 2nd round of the Main Tournaments. After each round, any newly eliminated players are welcome to join Second Second Æmber. Joining Second Æmber also doesn’t have to be immediate; players are welcome to skip rounds before they join.

Attendees who did not participate in a Main Tournament are also invited to participate in Second Æmber, but must bring a deck that follows the Second Æmber format (normally Sealed, Archon, or Alliance; modifications may be announced by event staff and vary at each Vault Tour).

Playing in Second Æmber gives everyone a chance to keep having KeyForge fun in a more casual round-robin style format, and to earn additional chances at prizes. Entering Second Æmber gives one prize ticket, and every win in Second Æmber gives one additional prize ticket. At the conclusion of Second Æmber, there will be a prize raffle for participants.

Prizes will include special decks, tokens, sleeves, and more!

Example Second Æmber Prizes

Side Events

Additional side events with be available at each Vault Tour. These may or may not include KeyForge: Adventures challenges (for example, a timed speed-run challenge of Fall of the House Gormangeist), single-deck Sealed small groups, and KeyForge: Menagerie or KeyForge: Unchained duels. All side event activities are included in the cost of the ticket, and will include (modest) prizes!

Menagerie goes off the chain

Available at all Vault Tour stops will be a Menagerie and Unchained mini-tournament on Sunday morning. The exact start time may vary, but is planned for 10:00am. It will feature Swiss-style rounds.

This will allow players to bring their favorite deck from the Menagerie or Unchained sets to challenge other KeyForge players in whacky duels. Undefeated players will win prizes!


Less of a side event and more of a side happening: All wins in Second Æmber tournaments and the Sunday mini-tournament will be tracked and tabulated at the end of the event. The player with the most overall wins will be named the Weekend Key-Warrior and receive some bonus prizes!


Vault Tour attendees will gain access to exclusive merchandise that has only seen limited availability in retail or has (until now) been limited to our Gamefound campaigns. These include: Menagerie decks, Unchained decks, house pins, and even the Floomf plushie!

Additional exclusives may be available depending on the specific event location, and even more exclusive items remained to be announced. Some items will have limited availability or caps on the number of items a single individual may buy.

KeyForge Products Galore

The Vaults are Calling

Tickets for US Vault Tour are available now, and the International Vault Tour locations are soon to be finalized. There’s only one way to find out if you’ll be the next Vault Warrior: Join and get your tickets today!

See you in the Crucible!

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