Diving Into KeyForge Organized Play

YOU LOVE PLAYING KEYFORGE with family and friends, yet you want more! Maybe you want to take your game to the next competitive level or maybe you’re keen to meet some new KeyForgian friends? Maybe you want meet up with some of the people you’ve interacted with in online KeyForge communities? Maybe all the above?

That’s where the KeyForge Organized Play comes in! Show off your skills against the rest of the community or come together to forge new friendships. All can be done at our Organized Play events. We will dive into what Organized Play is, how to get prepared for attending a KeyForge Organized Play event and much more. So, let’s dive in!

Archons, To Arms!

KeyForge Organized Play consists of different tiers and events with each separating one another in the level of competition. These tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1:
    • LGS Weekly Event & Store Championship
  • Tier 2:
    • National Championship & Vault Tour
  • Tier 3:
    • World Championship

These tiers require different requirements for attending and participating in. We will lay out those differences later in this article. Let’s start with explaining what each tier represents.

Organized Play Tiers

As mentioned before, KeyForge Organized Play is broken down into three tiers with events correlating to that tier. The tier structure and event details are as follows:

Tier 1: LGS Weekly Event & Store Championship

Tier 1 consists of Weekly events at your Local Game Store (LGS) as well as Store Championships. Weekly events are held at any store that carries KeyForge or offers weekly play options to their local community. Prize support for Weekly Events can be acquired by stores and local play groups through the Ghost Galaxy website.

Store Championships are held each year at participating stores usually in Q1. Stores sign up to express interest in hosting a Store Championship through an app called Playstile and, if selected, will be able schedule and promote its event to its local community.

Tier 2: National Championship & Vault Tour

Tier 2 consists of National Championships & Vault Tours, which are considered the highest level of competition for all. National Championships are held once a year, usually in late summer/early fall, with one held in each country selected to host one. Tournament Organizers must apply to run a National Championship and will be evaluated by Ghost Galaxy.

Vault Tours are high tier events with several held each year around the world, typically held in the summer. Each Vault Tour held in the United States are organized and ran by Ghost Galaxy or one of its approved partners in select cities over three days. Each Vault Tour held outside the United States is ran by a partnering organization approved by Ghost Galaxy in select cities and countries.

Tier 3: World Championship

Tier 3 consists of the World Championship, which is considered the highest level of competition for invites only. To participate in the World Championship, a player must qualify and earn an invite. Players can qualify through various avenues, with the main avenue being to win a National Championship or Vault Tour. Additional ways of qualifying may be offered each year with those communicated ahead of time.

What Do I Need For KeyForge OP?

There are various requirements players need to meet in able to participate in KeyForge Organized Play at Tier 1 or higher. We will go over what is needed for all these tiers first.

All players must have an account on the KeyForge Master Vault

This account will track all of your decks scanned into the Master Vault, the amount of Æmber acquired and remaining in your account, as well as how many Event Keys you have. You can read more about what is Æmber and Event Keys by going here.

As you buy and collect decks, we encourage you to scan these decks into your Master Vault account. This will allow you to use these decks in Organized Play Tier 1 or higher as well as access additional benefits offered by our Master Vault Deck Ownership system, such as buying a deck copy as well as translating of decks*

*Deck copies and translated deck copies are not yet readily available as of 2/28/24.

The above image indicates the two ways a player may scan or enter their deck into their Master Vault Account.

To enter a tournament, you will need to show your Player ID found on the Master Vault Profile. The QR Code may also be scanned at Tier 1 events if the organizer uses our preferred tournament software Playstile.

You must use a deck either scanned by you or by a friend on their respective Master Vault account

KeyForge uses the Master Vault Deck Ownership system, meaning decks are linked to a player’s account. Tournament rules state a player is legally able to play decks that they own or have the right to use. Ownership of a deck is determined through a player’s account and any decks found under their My Decks page. A player may also use a friend’s deck as long as the two added each other through the Master Vault Friend’s list and that deck has been scanned into the friend’s account.

For those entering an Alliance tournament,

You must create the Alliance Deck in your Master Vault Account’s “My Alliances” Tab.

Alliance is a format supported by Ghost Galaxy in official tournaments. You can read more about Tournament Formats & Rules here. Those who choose to use a single Archon deck in an Alliance tournament, must still create the deck in the “My Alliances” Tab. Tournament Organizers can easily check if a deck is eligible to be played by the player using Playstile for their KeyForge tournaments.

The next requirement only appeals to KeyForge tournaments at Tier 2 or higher.

You must have an Event Key in your Master Vault account

Event Keys are a digital product used for entering National Championships, Vault Tours, & World Championship premiere tournaments. Event Keys can only be purchased on your Master Vault Account using Æmber. You can read more about Event Keys, Æmber, and how to acquire Æmber by going to this page here. Event Keys cost 50 Æmber and are a one-time use.

National Championships, Vault Tours, & World Championship premiere tournaments cost 1 Event Key to enter. Those wanting to join multiple premiere tournaments, where available, will need to have 1 Event Key for each tournament. Event Keys are not required for entering any side events or other events outside the premiere tournament. National Championships, Vault Tours, & World Championships must use Playstile as their tournament software. Playstile will automatically check if you have an Event Key in your account when scanning your Player ID QR Code and will deduct the Event Key from your account.

The next requirement only appeals to KeyForge tournaments at Tier 3.

To participate in the World Championship tournament, you must have earned an invite through an official Ghost Galaxy or approved avenue

The KeyForge World Championship, which is held at KeyForge Celebration in November of each year, is an invite only tournament. Players that have earned an invite through Ghost Galaxy approved measures will be able to participate in this tournament for the glory of being crowned a World Champion.