What A Celebration We Had!

Published On: November 21, 2022

Thank you to everyone that attended KeyForge Celebration 2022! It was a massive success to see nearly 200 of you descend upon our home offices to share in the excitement of KeyForge. Many of you erupted with excitement over the keynote delivered by none other than Ghost Galaxy CEO, Christian T. Peterson, himself. If you were unable to attend to hear what was said, do not worry! We uploaded it to our YouTube page which you can see below.

The Æmber We Reaped!

The three day event saw enormous amounts of matches played across our four tournaments, Second Æmber, and Unchained duels. So much so, Logos gathered the data to share with you all. Prepare to feast in the numbers!

  • Alliance Sealed Players: 119
  • Archon Sealed Players: 38
  • Alliance Standard Players: 57
  • Archon Standard Players: 86
  • Tournament Matches Played: 585
  • Total Keys Forged: 2,438
  • Total Mulligans: 480
  • Games Where Both Players Took Mulligan: 111
  • Games Decided by Tiebreaker: 17
    • Decided by Most Keys Forged: 9
    • Decided by Most Remaining Æmber: 7
    • Decided by Fewest Chains: 0
    • Decided by Most Creatures in Play: 1
    • Decided by First Player: 0
  • Most Remaining Chains at End of Match: 17 (Jay Power)
  • Most Tournament Keys Forged by Single Player: 48 (Nova)

Still with us? Good! Let’s also send a big congratulations to our Top 8 of each tournament. After many grueling hours of Elimination rounds, these Archons stood tall entering the Playoff rounds.

Archon Standard

  • Z – “Pink Jacket” Tadeusz, City Dreamchaser (Winner)
  • Nova – Jacques “Aombre”, lord de la station
  • Nyfty – Sánchez the Deceptively Dastardly
  • FlamingHobo – Cardath, the Illustrator of the Market
  • Felixxtheviking – Itō of Openmarket Rainforest
  • Drsheep – Donovan of Jereztread Haunt
  • Matt Watson – Baines, Architetto Vuoto
  • Xraycreator – Jaguhurt, the Scavenger of DNA

Alliance Standard

  • JayPower – Q. Fink, la Ágil (Dis), Унылый Нельсон Ленюк (Star Alliance), The Aberrant Crook of Barleycorner (Logos) (Winner)
  • Jared K – “Punta” Imbrogliona di Filocremoso (Dis), B.V. Rivero, Guaritrice dell’lsolamento (Mars), Solveig X. la Squamosa (Logos)
  • Joe x073d Caruso – NY Moore Ninja del Diniego (Mars), Fhaaaxuly the Invader of the Pod (Logos), I Olin the Watmaster of Redwood (Shadows)
  • AV8R – Der sorglose „Akrobat“ Erion (Mars), E. Q. Che Caccia la Malinconia della Fogna (Untamed), Chortlack, the Wild Queendom Artist (Logos)
  • benthemonkey – “Batticuore”, Dissennata di Collelento (Star Alliance & Logos), Kellen F. Grizhals, the Fourth (Saurian)
  • Vermont Gamer – F. Renovatus, the Bastion Spiritcaller (Logos), F. Renovatus, the Bastion Spiritcaller (Dis), Tsar “Flèche” van Diemen (Untamed)
  • Justin Lizza – Holcomb the Dreadfully Peculiar (Unfathomable), Holcomb the Dreadfully Peculiar (Logos), The Elder Who Revises the Labyrinth (Star Alliance)
  • Richard Haeder – Alina „Drzewo”, Banitka Drakara (Untamed), Odynface, the Baroness of the Treehouse (Dis), Herr Vialstone, the Nebulous Citizen (Logos)

Archon Sealed

  • Captain-Gale – Pickthesis, Moor Spy (Winner)
  • SCSteele – Macevore, the Sargent of Clubs
  • CaffeineBuz – Duccius of Vapidju
  • xraycreator – The Well-meaning Tracker of Opticle
  • Kale – Dimitrios “Worrywart” Quipdarin
  • Collin – Cadswallop Antlake’s Painter
  • Drsheep – Architect Pirphal Blumderm
  • Nick H – van Diemen of Openriver Scrapyard

Alliance Sealed

  • Dave Cordeiro – N. Mercatius, the Treehouse Reaver, Quicklock, the Midwife of Paradox. Token Creature: Diplomat (Winner)
  • Cloggin – Fallfrend, Steppe Antagonizer. Token Creature: Berserker
  • Dominic Mak – Nero “Scrappy” Doubtroon, Nero “Scrappy” Doubtroon. Token Creature: Æmberling
  • Nova – Lumberphase, Lane Misteress, “olive branch” Zoe, Tower Bodyguard. Token Creature: Borbnar Warrior
  • Eilyn – Afrit M. Palladjest, The Ninth, Erlan K. Blasdot, The 66th. Token Creature: Bellatoran Warrior
  • Peter – Rey, The Bully of Narcrag, Salvar, Enchanting McMansion Chronicler. Token Creature: Cleric
  • Sweaty Zach – Daggeira, the Curator of the Battlefield, Briar “Termite” Toregen. Token Creature: Cadet (2 games), Senator
  • RealPlayerOne [MWP] – Zamscent O’connell-Banin, Scribe, Vagabond Boost. Token Creature: Warrior

Unchained Behaviors

We also saw our first Unchained duels take place at KeyForge Celebration. Many of you took the time to tell us how much you loved playing Unchained and the numbers back it up! You all reported over 750 Unchained matches. Our most Unchained mastermind went to Z Smith, who racked up 26 wins! We heard loud and clear how many of you loved that it forced many to interact and meet new people in the community. We, like many of you, chalked this one up as a success and look forward to how to continue this trend for future events.

Slay the Keyraken

Finally, we want to give a shout out to our trio that bested our Keyraken Invictus challenge. Self proclaimed “The Band” took down the Keyraken at record speeds in under 13 minutes! Seen holding their prizes are Nick Simonelli, Joe Simonelli, and Greg Cousins. Congratulations!

Pledge Your Allegiance

If you missed it, the pledge manager for our Gamefound campaign opened last week. Be sure to go in and confirm your pledge and shipping information before December 16. You can find all the details on how to add your stretch goals and submit your information for personalized decks over on the Gamefound page.

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