Vault Tour Germany

Hosted by Carl-Petersen-Straße 59B

Vault Tour Hype Section

The KeyForge Vault Tour heads to Hamburg, Germany

Vault Tour Germany, will run August 9-11, 2024 at Carl-Petersen-Straße (Carl-Petersen-Straße 59B, 20535 Hamburg, Germany).

Here, players will challenge one another in premiere formats like Archon, Alliance, and Sealed. The winner of each tournament will receive a seat at the KeyForge World Championship to be held at KeyForge Celebration in November 2024.

Not only will Vault Tour participants be able to engage in competitive tournaments, but also mingle with fellow KeyForge players and get access to special KeyForge merchandise.

Tickets are €65-€95 (Tiered System) + Digital Event Keys for the entire three days of fun!

Hotel Info Section


Neither Ghost Galaxy nor Hamburg Atlanteans (the event organizer) have organized a specific room bock or room rate for guests. The organizer has posted a list of hotels that would be able to provide accommodations close the venue.

The link below leads to the organizer's ticketing page, which contains the list of hotel options.

Fast Facts Section


August 9 - 11, 2024

Friday 1 pm - Sunday 6 pm

128 Participants Maximum

Tickets are €65-€95 (Tiered System) + Digital Event Keys


Carl-Petersen-Straße 59B

Carl-Petersen-Straße 59B, 20535 Hamburg, Germany



Questions Section

Please direct all questions regarding this event to Ghost Galaxy at
with the subject "Vault Tour 2024". Please include the city as well.