Updates to the Tournament Rules & Guidelines

Published On: August 23, 2023

We’d like to share some updates to the Tournament Rules and Guidelines. This update goes into effect today and will be used for the upcoming Vault Tour stops as well as the National Championships. The first of which will be for KeyForge Vault Tour Seattle on August 25 – 27.

The updates focus on clarification on various sections within the original TRG and do not impact the Alliance Restricted list. A summary of these changes are as follows:

    • A clarification has been added about event staff not being allowed to play in official tournaments at an event in which they are working.

    • Notes about resolving conflict between rules or card abilities in different languages have been added.

    • A new section addressing requests for Special Accommodations has been added to the Conduct rules.

    • The rules for References and Notetaking have been clarified.

    • The section formerly known as “Foreign Language Cards” has been retitled “Deck Languages.”

    • A new section addressing Tardiness and Absence has been added.

    • The descriptions of the four official tournament formats have been updated to be consistent with the terminology used in the Playstile 2LO tournament structure.

    • The rules for Alliance deck construction involving Winds of Exchange decks and token creature selection have been clarified.

  • Several other minor revisions have been throughout the document to correct typos or make terminology more consistent.

Check out the updates to the TRG by clicking the button below.

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