Tournament Rules & Guidelines for 2024

Published On: January 15, 2024

Official KeyForge tournaments throughout 2024 will be governed by our Tournament Rules and Guidelines (TRG), which is receiving a new update that goes into effect today. Store Championships, Vault Tours, National Championships, and the World Championship will all use the TRG.

The TRG does several things: it describes all of the roles at a KeyForge event, outlines a code of conduct to which all participants must adhere, specifies the materials players must provide to participate in tournaments, provides guidelines for judges and other tournament officials, and defines all official KeyForge tournament formats.

KeyForge players who followed the 2023 tournament year will note this latest update to the TRG features some important new revisions. A summary of these changes are as follows:

  • All games are timed at 45 minutes, including each game in the final match.
  • The formats previously known as Sealed Archon and Sealed Alliance have been merged into one format known simply as Sealed, which will be a featured format at every premier KeyForge event in 2024, including the World Championship.
  • The Alliance Restricted List has been updated.

To learn more about the thought process behind the changes made to the Alliance Restricted List, read this article.

Remember, the TRG is only one of several official rules documents for KeyForge. Other important documents, including the KeyForge Master Rulebook, can be found at the link below.

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