To the Victor Goes the Spoils!

Published On: July 2, 2024

The Whirlwind Comes!

A few days ago, we announced the upcoming Martian Civil War Event in which players will take the side of a warring Martian faction: the Elders or the Ironyx Rebels. This special event will take place between August 16th – September 17th for English language, and a few weeks later for select foreign languages.

There is no war without casualties, no conflict without consequences, and the Martian Civil War will have both.

These are the spoils of victory (and the consequences of defeat):

Victory for the Elders will see them maintain the iconography and color scheme of the current house Mars, while future new cards will play into the controlling style of the Elder mindset.

Victory for the Ironyx Rebels will leave scars upon the house of Mars as its iconography will permanently change to that of the Ironyx Rebels. The Mars color scheme will incorporate red and black accents and future cards of house Mars will lean towards what the Rebels does best: fighting.

And there is more! Whichever side wins, it is they that will receive the first-ever Martian Leader card.

Much is to be decided, much is at stake.

Retailers participating in the Martian Civil War event must report all match results of the event to Ghost Galaxy. At the end of the event period, Ghost Galaxy will tabulate the results and the martian victor declared at KeyForge Celebration in November ’24.

Retailers may participate in the Martian Civil War event by ordering the Event Kit from Ghost Galaxy here (Ghost Galaxy wholesale account required).

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