The Vaults Awaken

Published On: January 18, 2023

The Archons waited patiently for the vaults to unlock. Whose hand would play a vital role in unveiling the secrets inside? For years, the vaults slumbered with no inkling the silence would break anytime soon. Suddenly, rumblings began to sound across the Crucible. The Archons raced to find the source. Behold, the vault appears to awaken!

The Changing of the Vaults

Fellow Archons, the time has come for Ghost Galaxy to take control of the Master Vault. This process took months of preparation to ensure the safe migration of the data and upkeep of the decks discovered over KeyForge’s history. With this migration, Archons need to know of some changes coming to the site as well as the mobile apps you currently use.

The Master Vault migration from Asmodee to Ghost Galaxy will take place on Wednesday, January 25. During this time, the Master Vault will be down for several hours. This means those looking to access the website or third party sites retrieving deck information from the vault will experience disruptions during this time. When this maintenance period ends, players will notice various differences on the Master Vault we’d like you to be aware of.

What’s The Password?

Migrating the information from Asmodee to Ghost Galaxy means your current Asmodee account will no longer access KeyForge digital products and information. When logging into the website, you will be asked to create a Ghost Galaxy account. This effectively means you will be asked to reset your password and agree to new terms and conditions for our authentication provider. You will need to continue using the same email address as previously used for your Asmodee account. Click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password. Once you change your password and agree to the terms and conditions, your Ghost Galaxy account will be created. It’s important to note, this does not mean you will lose your Asmodee account. Your Asmodee account will still be used for all Asmodee products like before.

Noticeable Changes

The first big change to announce is the mobile apps for iOS and Android will be removed and no longer work. We decided this is best for us to fully focus on maintaining the web site and introduce new features in the future.

Some of you may be wondering how you will scan decks if the app is discontinued. We updated the web browser application to now include the QR Code scanner. This scanner functions the same as the QR code scanner found on the app previously. Those accessing the website using a mobile device will see the scanner use the device’s back camera. If you use a desktop or laptop, the QR scanner will use a connected camera, such as a webcam, for scanning. Those wanting to scan their KeyForge Celebration 2022 Winds of Exchange decks will need to wait a little bit longer though. These decks will not be ready for scanning at the time of the server migration. All other KeyForge decks can continue to be scanned and discovered as normal.

This is how the deck scanning tool will appear on desktop.

This is how the deck scanning tool will appear on mobile.

Players will notice a different look to the home page with some items missing. The home page and Explore Decks page will merge into one new home page. On this page, you will see a list of recently discovered decks that will update as decks are scanned.

You can still search for decks by name using the search bar found near the top of the home page. All other search filters currently available in the explore decks page of the Master Vault will be removed. Archons will continue to see their discovered decks with all the filtering options in the My Decks section.

You will also notice that we removed the key indicator in your player profile. This decision was made as the information was redundant with the Æmbershards. Keys were calculated based on the amount of Æmbershards in your account and did not serve much of a purpose otherwise. So we removed this, but you will still see your Æmbershard totals. We plan to announce plans for Æmbershards sometime in 2023.

Previously, players could see the power level, chains, wins, and losses for decks in the Master Vault. This information will be removed and no longer accessible in the Master Vault. This information will not be deleted though, as we will keep all this data internally. We will be unveiling a separate OP system in the future that may make use of this data.

The Key To The Vault

We know many third party sites access information from the Master Vault using the Master Vault API (Application Programming Interface). Archons come to rely on these third party sites for their various tools and we would like to continue to support their efforts. Starting on April 3, Ghost Galaxy will require all the third-party websites that want to access the Master Vault data to request an API Key. Starting on April 3, third party websites that did not apply for an API Key will not be able to use the Master Vault API. This new requirement will help us make the Master Vault more reliable and protect the website from Denial of Service attacks.

After the initial migration, third-party sites will still be able to use the current Master Vault API without an API Key. During this time, all third party websites that wish to continue using the Master Vault API will need to apply for an API Key using this web form. The form will ask for general information that will help us better understand their application uses, needs, and gather data that we can use as we continue to work and refine the Master Vault.

Ӕmber on the Horizon

The migration of the Master Vault is only the first step in the process. As we focus on maintaining the website, we plan to roll out new features in the future as we mentioned above. We are not ready to reveal what those new features will be at this time, but know we will announce them when they are ready. We hope you are excited to continue discovering the decks scattered across the world and this new dawn for KeyForge.

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