The Secrets of the First Vault Found!

Published On: July 18, 2023

Archons, Lend Us Your Ears!

Thank you to all of those who joined us for a wonderful reigniting of the KeyForge Vault Tour in Philadelphia. Whether you joined us on the battlelines or viewed from afar, your support injected excitement into the air.

The three day event saw 130 players descend upon the city with 118 participating across the Archon and Alliance tournaments. This concluded with with two champions each accessing the ultimate prize of $3,000. Here are some of the stats behind the exciting return to the Vault Tour season.

The Archon tournament featured 99 players using decks that spanned across the entire KeyForge universe. Nearly 30 percent of decks hailed from Mass Mutation with Winds of Exchange close behind with over 20 percent of players wielding the latest set. Two players decided to even try their hands with the newly announced Vault Masters decks.

The most common house to appear across the tournament came by the hands of Logos, appearing in 63 of the decks. The least appearing house came from the Aquans of the sea in Unfathomable which appeared a mere 11 times. As for those using the Winds of Exchange set, the most common token creature used was Berserker. Prospector, Skirmisher, and Trader all followed closely behind.

Keeping this trend of “most”, check out the Top 5 most used cards in the tournament.

1) Infurnace – 31

2) Wild Wormhole – 30

3) Daughter – 25

4) Effervescent Principle – 23

5) Ronnie Wristclocks & Infomorph – 22 (tied)

KeyForge Vault Tour – Philadelphia 2023 Archon Tournament

The Alliance tournament saw 19 players try their hand at glory. Winds of Exchange led the charge with one-third of players using decks from the set. Logos remained strong in Alliance too as the most appearing house. However, Alliance players did not put their trust in Brobnar, as the brawling house appeared the least amount of times.

As far as cards are concerned, Daughter and Infurace appeared the most with 10 different cards tying for third most.

KeyForge Vault Tour – Philadelphia 2023 Alliance Tournament

It was a grueling fight to get where we are in many respects, but after several rounds of double elimination we ended up with a Top 8 for each of our two tournament formats, Alliance and Archon. We offer them a hearty ‘congratulations!’ and are proud to present their names:



Decks marked * are linked separately due to a Master Vault issue that will be corrected for future tournaments

Eyes on the Vault

We would like to also offer a very deep thank you to Tabletop Royale for handling coverage across the weekend. They did a great job keeping the archons who couldn’t attend well informed and involved with the happenings in Philadelphia. If you haven’t checked out their coverage already, here’s one of their favorite matches from the weekend.

Tabletop Royale’s Feature Match of the Weekend

Tabletop Royale wasn’t the only one helping us cover the event. Our partner over at KeyForge Public Radio met with players over the weekend learning their stories behind the decks. You can check them out by going over on their YouTube channel right now!

Now This Is Tournament Podding!

In addition to the main tournaments, 16 sealed tournament pods launched on Saturday and Sunday of the event. These were casual groups of 6-8 players who participated for additional fun. We estimate that nearly 100 players took advantage of these side events, with 16 winners walking away with an additional prize from the Crucible

Concurrent with the main tournament on Saturday, there was also a Second Æmber event that saw the 41 players participate. A special shout out to AndyForge, who managed to have the highest number of wins across this side event.

Future Booster

Philadelphia was a great event, but it isn’t the last stop on the Vault Tour! There are several more stops along the way. Roseville is up next on August 18-20. So get your tickets now! You can also find the others in our most recent announcement article. We hope to see you at one of them, and wish you luck in opening the vaults.

See you in the Crucible!

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