The Rules of the Crucible

Published On: November 10, 2022

KeyForge Celebration 2022 is one day away! With the event coming, we released the first edition of the KeyForge Tournament Guidelines earlier this month. In that article, we noted the Master KeyForge Rulebook was not quite ready to be released as it was still being worked on. It’s now been forged and ready!

The Master KeyForge Rulebook will be our living set of rules going forward. We will update this as needed and will feature a version notation to distinguish it from previous versions. The latest is version 16 (to distinguish it from all previous rulebooks published by FFG). This will also be the same version used for KeyForge Celebration 2022. So it will be important to look it over and familiarize yourself with it before competing.

We also received a lot of feedback following the release of the KeyForge Tournament Guidelines. We looked at it and agreed some of the wording caused confusion among players. So we updated these guidelines to improve clarity and correct unintended ambiguity. These updates include clarifying how the Alliance Restricted List works and the Going To Time rules.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home offices for KeyForge Celebration 2022. We hope you all enjoy what looks to be a fun and Æmber filled weekend here in the frozen north. There are still some tickets available, so don’t wait to join in the action! Those unable to attend can watch the action at home by visiting the Twitch channels for Tabletop Royale and 1StarPeeps5StarGames.

– Team Ghost Galaxy

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