Common Faces Are The Greatest Rivals

Published On: November 4, 2022

The Reveal Draws Near

KeyForge Celebration 2022 is only a week away and we at Ghost Galaxy couldn’t be anymore excited. Not only will this be the first in person KeyForge event in some time, but the world will see the latest set, Winds of Exchange, for the first time in full! To build on the anticipation, we’d like to spill the beans, or cards, over a series of articles on the most often seen cards, the commons of each house. These cards define a given set and most will grow accustom to. So let’s take a look at some of these cards and see how you might best utilize these new faces!

The Arms of Brobnar

Let’s start with one of the founding houses of KeyForge, Brobnar. Those new to KeyForge will find these creatures LOVE to fight. Many abilities and actions feature ways to flex their muscles and start swinging at your opponents. Big giants and tricky goblins make up the majority of this aggressive house. So it’s fitting we start with a giant as our first reveal.

That giant is none other than Crogg the Clumsy. This giant stumbles his way into decks wrecking havoc on his enemies and their neighbors. Crogg features the new “Splash-attack” keyword allowing Crogg to deal damage to his chosen opponent while also dealing two damage to each of the chosen target’s neighbors. Crogg brings good crowd control for the player against an opponent with weak creatures filling the battleline.

Next up is the goblin Shock Herder. The boar riding goblin brings a lot of utility to a player’s deck and can compliment big moves. Combine its Deploy, allowing you to play Shock Herder anywhere in your battleline, and Play abilities in a single turn and you can devastate your opponents field. For example, play Crogg the Clumsy first and then use Shock Herder next to him, you can now ready and use Crogg right away!

Ready to bring support to its companions is Rowdy Skald. Every house in Winds of Exchange features a common card with the Enhance keyword. This disperses bonus icons to randomly selected cards in the deck. House Brobnar enlisted Rowdy Skald as theirs. He dishes out two bonus damage icons, providing more ways to clean up annoying enemy creatures. But the true way to win in KeyForge is gathering Æmber and forging keys, so who doesn’t love the bonus Æmber as well?

Decks don’t only contain creatures. So time for Brobnar to get to the action cards! Take a look at two, Press Gang and Ragnarok Prep. Archons know the defining feature in Winds of Exchange are token creatures. Both these action cards generate token creatures for its player. This can help fill your battleline to reap a ton of Æmber. In the case of Ragnarok Prep, it can also remove some Æmber from your opponent.

Finally, we round out with the mighty artifact, Might Club. House Brobnar loves to fight, showing off its strength against opposing houses. Might Club allows the player to do just that, fight! Don’t think this is limited to your creatures though. You can also use this to enrage an opponents creature. This can be a great way to neutralize a creature with a good “After Reap” ability, forcing your opponent to fight with that creature in play!

House Sanctum Shall Shield You From Danger

The protectors of the weak and innocent, House Sanctum shines bright with its board control. Many of the houses knights and monks, a prominent theme in Winds of Exchange, feature armor. This allows players to withstand a bit of damage, while also healing those already damaged. So prepare to defend order with these commons form this angelic house.

Starting with the Revered Monk. One of the new sub-themes from Sanctum, as mentioned above, is the Monk trait. This card can prove tough when surrounded by other Sanctum cards. Sporting 4 power, Revered Monk receives an additional 2 armor for each Sanctum neighbor, giving the potential for 4 armor as well. Plan ahead when using this card, and you might just withstand an onslaught from your opponent.

As mentioned above with House Brobnar, each house in Winds of Exchange will feature a common card with the Enhance keyword. Carrying the tome for Sanctum is Kassiel the Benevolent. Kassiel gives out two bonus capture icons providing important Æmber control to the deck. Players will also enjoy the additional Æmber for themselves as well.

Planning out how and when to deploy your creatures can be a troublesome task as the battleline grows. So why not just throw them wherever you want? That’s what Knightapult allows you to do. Knightapult is a very useful utility card to have. This artifact effectively gives your next creature Deploy and enters the battleline ready for your command! Combine this with Revered Monk and toss her between two Sanctum. You already strengthened her with armor, making her a tough opponent to remove.

Some opponents may feature decks quickly generating creatures and token creatures to face. Need to even up the odds some? Well look no further than Retribution. If your opponent has more creatures than you, play this card and destroy that headache on your opponent’s battleline.

Sanctum may rely on its knights to defend justice, but it needs to extend a hand to token creatures in times of need. Muster does just that. This card allows the player to generate a token creature. If your opponent holds more Æmber than you when you play this, you can archive Muster and play it again on a future turn! So planning out when to use this action card can be vital to victory.

Like for example play Muster and then follow it up with Membership Drive. This card also allows you to generate a token creature, but with an added benefit. After creating a token creature, the player gains 1 Æmber for each friendly token creature on the battleline. This potentially gives you a big pile of Æmber to have on hand to forge that key for victory! Timing is key to get the most benefits out of this card.

The Road to Fortune Lays Ahead

We have many more to uncover for other houses in Winds of Exchange. What might Saurian, Unfathomable, Star Alliance, Mars, and new house Ekwidon bring to the Crucible? We shall find out another day. One way to get your hands on these commons early is by attending KeyForge Celebration 2022! Very few tickets remain, but they could be yours for the taking. So check out the signup page to ensure your spot!

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