Terror Below The Waves

Published On: January 10, 2023

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been going through all the houses you can find in the upcoming set Winds of Exchange. It’s time to talk about the final house lurking within the decks, ready to surface in any given deck. We are talking about the undersea house, House Unfathomable.

Many of the other houses wondered what might lurk beneath the waters of the Crucible. Rumblings of sea creatures spread amongst those brave enough to see the ripples in the water. Finally the truth emerged after the tide rose, showing there were more to contend with for the vaults than originally thought. Unfathomable is home to the Aquans, a humanoid race incorporating the features of various fish and other sea creatures. The Unfathomable search high and low for Æmber in an effort to awaken the sleeping deities that rest at the bottom of the ocean.

House Unfathomable brings a mix of humanoid creatures and seabound beasts that prove to be devastating if ill prepared to face. Unfathomable’s play centers around slowing down your opponents and controlling their cards. This can be through exhausting your opponents creatures, preventing them from playing or using cards during any given turn. They also are not opposed to destroying their own if it means trouble to those that challenge them.

When facing House Unfathomable, it’s paramount you Watch Your Step. These pelagic creatures are elusive in fights and strike with poison. Opponents not ready to handle the wrath of house Unfathomable may be left Befuddled. A foe that proves to be quite the tribulation is Timoti the Dammed. Those crossing swords, or fins, with this Aquan struggle to gather the keys necessary to unlock the vaults of the Crucible. You also must expect the unexpected. When Byrozarch shows up to battle, it may be hard to take action before you get swept up in the waves of destruction. Archons must prove their synergy with their chosen houses or else Unfathomable will expose the Weak Link.

These Aquans are not all about destruction though. Just as with any house, they need to stretch their gills once in a while or else they will go Stir-Crazy. Adult Swim time can be a relaxing bit for those not wanting to deal with the fingerling.

There you have it! All of the houses coming to Winds of Exchange. Will you be jumping into the water to join the Aquans? Are you prepared to flood the Crucible within the depths of House Unfathomable. 

We cannot wait for you to get your hands on Winds of Exchange and hope this helps you learn which houses you will seek to unite with in the fight for the vaults. You can click here to read about House Brobnar, Mars, Ekwidon, Sanctum, Saurian, and Star Alliance.

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