Take to the Skies! KeyForge: Æmber Skies on Gamefound

Published On: February 22, 2024

KeyForge: Æmber Skies Prepares for Launch on Gamefound!

Spend any time around the darker corners of Cirrus or Port Haylard, and you’re bound to hear the legend of Old Flint. They say he was the first of the Stormkin, those crazed outcasts beyond the Baron Courts who prey on every living thing that’s got a scrap of Æmber to their name. Supposedly Old Flint managed to purloin so much Æmber he had to stash it on the most remote piece of rock in the whole sky, lest he become chum for the skybeasts at the hands of his own crew. He hid the stash so well even he couldn’t find it without a special map that the Lord J’reen itself made for him.

AHOY, there is Æmber ABOVE!

Prepare yourselves Archons, The Crucible welcomes new terrors, threatening all those that wish to challenge for dominance of the sky. Whether it be the newly discovered Skybeasts or the nomadic, unrestrained members of House Skyborn, you must keep a watchful eye on your Æmber everywhere you go.

KeyForge: Æmber Skies is the 8th official set in the KeyForge universe. As mentioned previously, House Skyborn joins the ranks of allies the Archons can call upon to aid them in unlocking the secrets of the vaults. The Skyborn are a loose confederation of baronies, merchant captains, and pirates who spend most of their lives miles above the surface abroad their prized skyships. Joining House Skyborn in the set include Brobnar, Dis, Ekwidon, Geistoid, Logos, and Mars!


Ghost Galaxy is excited to announce the preview page for KeyForge: Æmber Skies is now live on Gamefound!

We hope that you will “follow” the Gamefound project in preparation for the campaign’s launch in April ’24. Those who follow the campaign prior to launch will receive a House Skyborn pin with their pledge rewards!

much lofty goodness IS in store!

As with the previous KeyForge Gamefound campaigns, there will be fun and surprises for backers. These include:

  • “Reward Levels” provide an abundance of KeyForge products and merchandise to backers

  • “Stretch Goals” provide extra decks, supplies. and news to backers as the campaign hits various financial benchmarks

  • The Ghost Galaxy team is poised to provide a wealth of news, anecdotes and spoilers for KeyForge: Æmber Skies to followers and backers throughout the campaign.

  • As with “Grim Reminders”, local game stores will be able to participate in the campaign for additional exclusive merchandise and early release. As a new bonus, the Æmber Skies campaign will also allow backers to vote a backing retailer as their “KeyForge Home Base”. Each vote will heap incrementally higher rewards on each participating retailer (more details will be shared on campaign launch).

We hope you all are as excited as we are for the Future of KeyForge and the upcoming Æmber Skies campaign. Be sure to follow to get the Skyborn pin and back the campaign on launch day!

Delay not, me hearties. Go and follow yonder campaign without delay.

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