Take the Fight to your Store!

Store Championships are the first competitive tier events of the KeyForge 2024 Organized Play season, designed to be a starting point for players who want to test their skills locally before competing in Vault Tour, National Championship, or World Championship events. They’re meant to bring competition to a local store level, with higher stakes than a typical KeyForge game night.

Ghost Galaxy has created a Store Championship event kit with prizes and promotional materials to be shipped to participating retailers.

Store Championships Details

As the start to an ambitious 2024 KeyForge OP season, Store Championships are to take place during the entire month of March at your local game store. This means the Store Championship season will be from March 1 to March 31, 2024, actual dates will vary by participating store.

Unlike Vault Tour stops, National Championships, and the World Championship, Store Championships will not require a digital Event Key to participate (though event organizers will likely charge an entry fee).

Players looking to compete for the Store Champion title will be able to do so in three tournaments: Archon, Alliance, and Sealed. See the Tournament Formats and Rules page for additional details on these formats.

International Stores

This event is for both U.S. and international stores. Some countries will be serviced directly from the U.S. with english-language event kits, while select countries may be serviced by our local publishing partners. Stores serviced by our publishing partners will be contacted directly by those partners (and not Ghost Galaxy), and may receive with alternate event kits (price may vary).

Due to delays in international shipping for some regions, Store Championships may now run until April 14th at participating non-US retailers.

Store Championship Locations

As sign-ups are approved and retailers solidify their Store Championship dates, Ghost Galaxy will edit this page to help players locate Store Championship events.

Map Controls

Opens the Map Legend. This will list all events in toggleable categories for Sealed, Archon, Alliance, and Unknown Format.

Opens the map into a new full-screen page. This view is best on mobile with limited screen space.

Opens share settings to share via Facebook, Twitter, email, or SMS. Also provides embed code.