Sanctum-onious House

Published On: December 22, 2022

In KeyForge, you must call on the power of three houses to help you overcome your opponent, gather Æmber, forge keys, and unlock the vault of ultimate knowledge and power. It’s time we continue our dive into the houses in Winds of Exchange who’s power you might rely on. We look at the noble and righteous knights and monks of House Sanctum for this one.

Knightly Duties

House Sanctum resides on an island paradise that floats above the lands, almost as if done by celestial or magical powers. Technologically advanced knights lend a helping hand to the populous, working to keep their home safe. Under the guidance of the Church of the Opened Eye, these knights strive to protect the innocent and just while ridding the land of wicked and evildoers.

Many humans walk this paradise and call it home, but even they know this land did not originate organically to the Crucible. Those who ask the origins of the house are met with silence. The scholars and monks of the Church keep these secrets locked behind tight lips. Only the most enlightened hear these tales and few are deemed worthy of such an honor.

What does leave their mouths are the teachings of the Church, welcoming those seeking truth and awareness to the Opened Eye. For this reason, many knights and monks lead missions to the surface speaking to those of the other houses. They look to build a Friendship with others in hopes they’ll join the church later.

The Sanctum knights promise those able to achieve a pure soul can transcend into the most powerful spirits. Once achieved through meditation, teaching, and spiritual growth, they’ll shed their earthly being and manifest in pure energy they call angels. Their intentions may be filled with honor and duty, but the house disciples will not run from those opposing them.

One of the original houses to KeyForge, Sanctum has been featured in nearly every set outside of Worlds Collide. House Sanctum brings board control through creatures with power and armor, capturing Æmber, and healing effects to keep creatures on the board longer. Their creatures often feature Taunt, like Pandulf the Provoker, forcing opponents to attack them before their neighbors. They also tend to share effects with their neighbors. Do not worry if you only have a Glorious Few, your Retribution will help even the odds as the Opened Eye will not let you fall in battle.

If your Æmber gathering efforts start to fall short, do not lose hope. You must Muster up the courage to overcome these odds. Those believing in the Church of the Opened Eye can outwit their opponent or, at minimum, Request Donations until you can.

So now begs the question, do you follow the teachings of The Church of the Opened Eye? Will you lend your support to House Sanctum and transcend your earthly form? Let us know over on Twitter! 

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