San Antonio Vault Tour 2024 Results

Published On: June 3, 2024

Vault Tour 2024 continued in San Antonio, Texas. For three action-packed days, San Antonio’s largest e-sports venue, Shenanigans Gaming, welcomed 39 players into the blazing heat to reap Æmber, forge keys, and compete for the ultimate KeyForge title: Vault Warrior.

Three tournaments were completed across the weekend in each of KeyForge’s competitive formats: Sealed, Archon, and Alliance. Champions who did not already hold the Vault Warrior title attained it and were awarded an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship in November in addition to all their other prizes.

Attendance levels created an opportunity for the Archon and Alliance tournaments to run on a staggered schedule on Saturday, meaning those interested could compete in both formats. Saturday, therefore, became a long day, but the attending Archons and Ghost Galaxy staff rose to the challenge. Rounds moved quickly, and spirits were high as keys were forged well into the night!

How Legends are Made

Across all three main tournaments held over the weekend, we narrowed down to the Top 8 of each and crowned three tournament champions. Several players managed to snag top spots for different formats, as was the case with Vault Tour Roseville and Vault Tour Rochester. New stories were told and legends were made as Archons clashed in glorious competition. As always, their names must now be etched into history with tales of their legendary accomplishments.


Thirty-six players joined the Sealed field on Friday, which made it on par with the Archon tournament on Saturday.

Players were expected to compete using 1-3 sealed KeyForge: Grim Reminders decks constructed using the Alliance deck mechanics.

Sealed allows players to swap house pods from their three decks between rounds. Because of this, we do not have a detailed breakdown of the houses used, pod selections, or top cards of this tournament.

Sealed Champion - Gorlami
Sealed Runner-Up - Dave C.
Top 4 - MilkSteak
Top 4 - DRSheep
Top 8 - SCSteele
Top 8 - XrayCreator
Top 8 - FlamingHobo
Top 8 - Unfathomable


Archon was the first of two tournaments on Saturday, and the largest of the weekend with 37 registrants. KeyForge: Grim Reminders continues to put a scary number of decks in the field, but nearly 50% of participants decided that their best path to victory was in another forge. Ultimately a KeyForge: Call of the Archons (the very first set ever made) deck won the entire event despite the set being selected by only three participants!

Martians invaded what has, until now, been the territory of the Geistoids. Both houses tied in representation by fielding 17 decks. Brobnar was all the rage as well, fielding a respectable 13 decks. Sanctum sunk to the bottom of representations at only four. The top house breakdown is:

  1. Geistoid (17 decks)
  2. Mars (17 decks)
  3. Brobnar (13 decks)
  4. Star Alliance (12 decks)
  5. Unfathomable (11 decks)
  6. Logos (8 decks)
  7. Untamed (8 decks)
  8. Ekwidon (7 decks)
  9. Dis (6 decks)
  10. Shadows (5 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Archon decks were:

  1. Winds of Death (17 total)
  2. In Here Somewhere (15 total)
  3. Ironyx Rebel (14 total)
  4. Grabber Jammer (11 total)
  5. The Grim Reaper (11 total)
  6. Befuddle (10 total)
  7. Brikk Nastee (10 total)
  8. Ecto-Charge (10 total)
  9. Memette (10 total)
  10. Be Our Geist (9 total)

Archon Results

Below is the full list of Top 8 competitors for Archon at Vault Tour 2024 San Antonio

Champion: DRSheep* playing Adm. Inslang, the Pink Fraud from Call of the Archons

Runner-Up: Unfathomable playing Lancelot, Glodholme Rookie from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Drazkor playing Aria, Pylon Genius from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Oddmonster playing Caelen, the Oddball Lord General from Grim Reminders

Top 8: FlamingHobo playing Jaonos “Sister Batwing” Couer from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Melisma playing Plesiovist, the “Baron” of Fish from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Gorlami playing Justin “Puzzola” il Pesante from Mass Mutation

Top 8: MagicDuck playing Bourdet, the Barber of Bronkdoor from Grim Reminders

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Archon Champion - DRSheep (Center)
Archon Runner-Up - Unfathomable (Center)
Top 4 - Drazkor
Top 4 - Oddmonster
Top 8 - FlamingHobo
Top 8 - Melisma
Top 8 - Gorlami
Top 8 - MagicDuck


The Alliance tournament was the second of two tournaments on Saturday, running directly after the conclusion of Archon. A total of 27 participants gathered their allies and stepped onto the battlefield.

Despite KeyForge: Grim Reminders being the favorite again by a significant margin, it did not secure a majority in the Top 8. KeyForge: Winds of Exchange stormed into the top spot to win the tournament. The full set breakdown is:

Untamed and Geistoid both appeared in nearly half the decks, while three other houses also breached double-digit representations. Saurians were nearly extinct, seeing play in only one deck, but that single representation claimed a Top 8 finish anyway. Here’s the most used houses breakdown:

  1. Geistoid (13 decks)
  2. Untamed (13 decks)
  3. Mars (11 decks)
  4. Logos (10 decks)
  5. Star Alliance (10 decks)
  6. Ekwidon (7 decks)
  7. Unfathomable (5 decks)
  8. Brobnar (4 decks)
  9. Dis (4 decks)
  10. Shadows (2 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Alliance decks were:

  1. In Here Somewhere… (18 total)
  2. Key Abduction (13 total)
  3. Memette (11 total)
  4. Winds of Death (11 total)
  5. Nature’s Call (10 total)
  6. Retrotechnician Le (10 total)
  7. Target Yynxzdyl (10 total)
  8. Control the Weak (9 total)
  9. Ironyx Rebel (9 total)
  10. Boo! (8 total)

Alliance Results

Below are the Top 8 competitors for Alliance at Vault Tour 2024 San Antonio

Champion: Sith of Angmar* playing an Alliance of Ekwidon, Mars, and Unfathomable from Winds of Exchange; Strange Shell was the Token Creature

Runner-Up: Melisma playing an Alliance of Star Alliance, Untamed, and Logos from Worlds Collide

Top 4: DRSheep playing an Alliance of Geistoid, Mars, and Star Alliance from Grim Reminders

Top 4: BigZestEnergy playing an Alliance of Geistoid, Mars, and Star Alliance from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Gorlami playing an Alliance of Sanctum, Dis, and Logos from Mass Mutation

Top 8: Unfathomable playing an Alliance of Ekwidon, Unfathomable, and Saurian from Winds of Exchange; Scholar was the Token Creature

Top 8: Big Z playing an Alliance of Logos, Mars, and Untamed from Call of the Archons

Top 8: XrayCreator playing an Alliance of Star Alliance, Untamed, and Logos from Worlds Collide

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Alliance Champion - Sith of Angmar (Center)
Alliance Runner-Up - Melisma (Center)
Top 4 - DRSheep
Top 4 - BigZestEnergy
Top 8 -Gorlami
Top 8 - Unfathomable
Top 8 - Big Z
Top 8 - XrayCreator

Second Æmber

Players who got knocked out of the main tournaments on Friday and Saturday could participate in the Second Æmber tournaments where they could earn chances to win a variety of prizes including sealed KeyForge decks, deck boxes, and even the adorable Floomf.

Sealed had the highest pick-up for Second Æmber with 47% of eliminated players joining continue forging. A total of 38 players (17 for Sealed, 13 for Archon, and 8 for Alliance) competed in 40 games across the weekend. The winners of Second Æmber, that is to say those who had the most wins after joining, were LqdSquash for Sealed, Braxton T. for Archon, and HammerSmythe for Alliance. Congratulations on your performances, o’ Reapers of Æmber!


KeyForge: Menagerie and KeyForge: Unchained saw some love with our Sunday mini-tournament, aka “Menagerie Goes Off the Chain“. Fourteen players brought their best decks to battle against each other, all choosing Menagerie as their deck of choice. Here are the Top 3 players:

Our Weekend Key-Warrior, the person with the most wins across all Second Æmber events and the mini-tournament, was Flightless Pheasant. He had a total of 8 wins across all the events.

Flightless Pheasant, Weekend Key-Warrior

The Host with the most

Our host, Shenanigans Gaming, was a large store with solid tables and a great setup for streaming competitive games. Phil, the owner, was very flexible and great to work with. He is also interested in building up its presence as a KeyForge destination in the San Antonio, Texas area. Ghost Galaxy will do its part, providing him with as much post-event support as we can, but Phil would love to see any lapsed locals or interested new players visit his store for exciting future events. Thanks a million, Shenanigans!

Key Coverage

Shenanigans had a full streaming setup they allowed us to take over to provide coverage during the weekend. Just like with other Vault Tours, we streamed directly to the Ghost Galaxy YouTube!

We want to give a shoutout to our community member Aaron, who provided commentary on the coverage almost the entire weekend. He has his own YouTube channel, Phlox’em All, that you should check out. Also, just like the other tour stops, continued community involvement was a primary goal. So, Aaron isn’t the only one you’ll see doing guest commentary across the weekend coverage. Thank you to all who lent a hand.

Check out the video for Day 1 coverage, and if you’re hungry for more please go to our YouTube page to see the rest. Subscribe to see future content while you’re there!

KeyForge on Tour

You still have chances to compete in the KeyForge Vault Tour this year! Visit the links below to learn more about all upcoming events (including hotel blocks!).

Baltimore, MD is June 14-16

Las Vegas, NV is July 12-14

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is July 12-14

Florence, Italy is September 13-15

Madrid, Spain is September 27-29

More international Vault Tours will be announced soon, right here on You can also join our mailing list to have the most up-to-date KeyForge information sent straight to your inbox!

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