Roseville Vault Tour 2024 Results

Published On: April 17, 2024

Vault Tour 2024 kicked off at the home of KeyForge in Roseville, Minnesota. For three action-packed days Roseville’s premiere local game store, Gamezenter, welcomed 40 brave players to reap Æmber, forge keys, and compete for the ultimate KeyForge title: Vault Warrior.

Three tournaments were completed across the weekend in each of KeyForge’s competitive formats: Sealed, Archon, and Alliance. Champions who did not already hold the Vault Warrior title attained it, and were awarded with an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship in November in addition to all their other prizes.

Attendance levels created an opportunity for the Archon and Alliance tournaments to run on a staggered schedule on Saturday, meaning those who were interested could compete in both formats. Saturday therefore became a long day, but even so the atmosphere and attitudes remained electric throughout. Many attendees commented that getting to participate in a format they hadn’t planned to was a nice surprise, and we were incredibly happy hear that was the case!

New Warriors ordained

Across all three main tournaments held over the weekend, we saw 16 players make the Top 8 of each and crowned three tournament champions. Several players managed to snag top spots for different formats, and one even managed to secure not only the first Vault Warrior title of 2024 but a second champion spot! Competition in Roseville was fierce, and as is tradition, Ghost Galaxy must pay respects to each of the amazing players who made the Top 8s.


Vault Tour 2024 Roseville marked not only the first stop of the 2024 season but also the return of a sealed-deck format to high-level KeyForge. A total of 32 attendees were entered into the Sealed tournament on Friday.

Players were expected to compete using 1-3 sealed decks of KeyForge: Grim Reminders, and decks were constructed from a player’s sealed decks using the Alliance deck construction mechanic.

Sealed allows players to swap house pods from their three decks between rounds. Because of this, we do not have a detailed breakdown of the houses used, pod selections, or top cards of this tournament.

Two players, MammonDG and Ewok Jr, used unmodified Archon decks throughout the entire tournament. These were Honourable “Ender” Theroulde and Destain the Perfectly Colossal, respectively.

Champion Varghast (Left), Runner-Up MammonDG (Right)

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Unlinked decks in the listing are not yet scanned into a Master Vault and are therefore not public; To protect the ownership of the decks, Ghost Galaxy cannot share this information

Ewok Jr


The Archon tournament, the first of two tournaments on Saturday, saw 36 participants join the fun. Grim Reminders cast a long shadow, fielding 19 decks. Winds of Exchange still had some wind in its sails, storming in with the next highest number of decks at eight.

Geistoid possessed a large amount of the field, appearing 19 times. Mars was close behind being featured in 18 decks. The other two houses to break double-digits were Brobnar and Ekwidon, represented in 13 and 11 decks respectively. The top 10 houses are as follows:

  1. Geistoid (19 decks)
  2. Mars (18 decks)
  3. Brobnar (13 decks)
  4. Ekwidon (11 decks)
  5. Logos (8 decks)
  6. Star Alliance (8 decks)
  7. Unfathomable (8 decks)
  8. Shadows (7 decks)
  9. Dis (5 decks)
  10. Untamed (5 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Archon decks were:

  1. In Here Somewhere… (17 total)
  2. Be Our Geist (16 total)
  3. Junk Restoration (16 total)
  4. Distant Void Prober (12 total)
  5. Winds of Death (12 total)
  6. Berserker Slam (11 total)
  7. Haunted House (11 total)
  8. Hallowed Eve Festival (10 total)
  9. Ironyx Rebel (10 total)
  10. Rowdy Skald (10 total)

Archon Results

A special shout-out is deserved for June and Ewok Jr, who were the 1st and 2nd place finishers at Roseville in 2023. For the second year in a row, they repeated these placements.

Below is the full list of Top 8 competitors for Archon at Vault Tour 2024 Roseville.

Champion: June* playing Bandola, Archmage of the Spined Plateau from Grim Reminders

Runner-Up: Ewok JR playing Stokewaste, the Swindler Zoomaster from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Varghast playing Rich “Harlequin” Viktorie from Grim Reminders

Top 4: CptnCrispy playing Extravagantly Prideful Cinnador from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Splendives playing Mandeville the Reflexively Hideous from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Nova playing Jacques “Aombre”, lord de la station from Worlds Collide

Top 8: LqdSquash playing Y. Hayes, the Isle Carpenter from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Zenzizenzizenzic playing Ethically Renowned Zenzizenzizenzic from Grim Reminders

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Champion June (Center) Grabs Awards & Lunch
Runner-Up Ewok JR with Multiple Awards


Alliance was the second of two tournaments to run on Saturday, starting right after Archon. It saw 29 participants forge alliances to compete. Grim Reminders and Winds of Exchange were favorites here as well but tied for the most fielded decks at nine each. One player was brave enough to use a freshly concocted alliance from Vault Masters 2024.

Mars invaded the top spot for house representation at 12 decks, but Untamed clawed its way into a close second spot being in 11 decks. Shadows was largely unseen as it was only in one deck. The full top 10 houses were:

  1. Mars (12 decks)
  2. Untamed (11 decks)
  3. Logos (10 decks)
  4. Geistoid (9 decks)
  5. Star Alliance (9 decks)
  6. Unfathomable (8 decks)
  7. Ekwidon (7 decks)
  8. Dis (6 decks)
  9. Brobnar (5 decks)
  10. Saurian (5 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Alliance decks were:

  1. Legionary Trainer (14 total)
  2. Key Abduction (13 total)
  3. Target Yynxzdyl (13 total)
  4. Eyegor (11 total)
  5. In Here Somewhere… (11 total)
  6. Generous Offer (9 total)
  7. Winds of Death (9 total)
  8. Abyssal Sight (8 total)
  9. Brikk Nastee (8 total)
  10. Be Our Geist (7 total)

Alliance Results

Below are the Top 8 competitors for Alliance at Vault Tour 2024 Roseville.

Champion: Varghast* playing an Alliance of Dis, Logos, and Sanctum from Mass Mutation

Runner-Up: CptnCrispy playing an Alliance of Geistoid, Star Alliance, and Mars from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Sundy playing an Alliance of Untamed, Geistoid, and Mars from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Panic playing an Alliance of Unfathomable, Geistoid, and Brobnar from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Ewok JR playing an Alliance of Dis, Untamed, and Logos from Call of the Archons

Top 8: SCSteele playing an Alliance of Untamed, Mars, and Logos from Age of Ascension

Top 8: Dave C playing an Alliance of Dis, Logos, and Star Alliance from Worlds Collide

Top 8: PhillyNo1 playing an Alliance of Logos, Mars, and Untamed from Age of Ascension

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Champion Varghast with Spoils of Two Wins
Runner-Up CptnCrispy (Center)
Ewok Jr
Dave C

Second Æmber

Players who got knocked out of the main tournaments on Saturday could participate in the Second Æmber tournaments where they could earn chances to win a variety of prizes including sealed KeyForge decks, deck boxes, and even the adorable Floomf.

Second Æmber ran as a paired, table-assigned tournament launching rounds in sync with the main tournaments. This was different from last year, which saw an approach where players found opponents and self-reported results. We believe it was highly successful, and will use this approach moving forward!

Over 60% of eliminated players joined Second Æmber to continue forging. A total of 36 players competed in 46 games across the weekend. The winners of Second Æmber, that is to say those who had the most wins after joining, were Drazkor for Sealed and PhillyNo1 for Archon (Alliance was not held due to time constraints).

Drazkor, Second Æmber Winner & Weekend Key-Warrior

Key Coverage

During Vault Tour 2023, Ghost Galaxy partnered with several KeyForge community content creators. Voices such as Tabletop Royal, 1 Star Peeps 5 Star Games, PrimeCutGames, and Fudgenator. We were grateful to have their help broadcasting KeyForge in the first year of Organized Play.

We have assembled our own mobile streaming setup for the second year and plan to bring the action to you directly. Vault Tour 2024 Roseville was our very first livestream, and casting directly to Ghost Galaxy’s YouTube for all three days!

Continued involvement of the KeyForge community was also very important to us. We asked several key community members to join us for guest commentary as they wrapped up their KeyForge fun.

Check out the first day of coverage in this article, and if you’re hungry for more please go to our YouTube page to see the rest. Subscribe to see future content while you’re there, and if you wouldn’t mind putting a ‘like’ on our videos it would help our KeyForge content reach an even bigger audience!

KeyForge on Tour

You still have chances to compete in KeyForge Vault Tours this year! Visit the links below to learn more information about each of the upcoming events (including hotel blocks!).

Rochester, NY is May 3-5

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Baltimore, MD is June 14-16

Las Vegas, NV is July 12-14

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