Rochester Vault Tour 2024 Results

Published On: May 10, 2024

Vault Tour 2024 continued in Rochester, New York. For three action-packed days, Rochester’s massive local game store, Millennium Games, welcomed 70 brave players to reap Æmber, forge keys, and compete for the ultimate KeyForge title: Vault Warrior.

Three tournaments were completed across the weekend in each of KeyForge’s competitive formats: Sealed, Archon, and Alliance. Champions who did not already hold the Vault Warrior title attained it and were awarded an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship in November in addition to all their other prizes.

for Honor & Glory

Across all three main tournaments held over the weekend, we narrowed down to the Top 8 of each and crowned three tournament champions. Several players managed to snag top spots for different formats, as was the case with Vault Tour Roseville. Many keys were forge in the fires of competition, and we must pay respects to the honor and glory won by those who preserved.


Sealed continues to grow as a major competitive format in the 2024 season. 61 players joined the event, making it the largest single event of the Vault Tour 2024 Rochester weekend.

Players were expected to compete using 1-3 sealed decks of KeyForge: Grim Reminders and constructed using the Alliance deck mechanics.

Sealed allows players to swap house pods from their three decks between rounds. Because of this, we do not have a detailed breakdown of the houses used, pod selections, or top cards of this tournament.

Sealed Champion - SJess
Sealed Runner-Up - Drazkor (Left)
Top 4 - TheLV14
Top 4 - JTRussell
Top 8 - JDG
Top 8 - Metalxoa
Top 8 - Nobe72
Top 8 - Lazarith


55 participants registered on Saturday for the Archon tournament. KeyForge: Grim Reminders had a spooktacular number of decks at 33. It wasn’t a complete blowout, however, as a respectable 11 KeyForge: Winds of Exchange decks entered the field. KeyForge: Mass Mutation was the highest of the single-digit representations at four decks.

House representation was a roller-ghoster, with seven houses seeing double-digit representation but Geistoid reaping the top spot (which it also possessed at Vault Tour 2024 Roseville). The demons of Dis were nearly banished, only fielding four decks total. Top 10 houses were:

  1. Geistoid (28 decks)
  2. Mars (25 decks)
  3. Untamed (23 decks)
  4. Ekwidon (20 decks)
  5. Unfathomable (17 decks)
  6. Brobnar (13 decks)
  7. Star Alliance (10 decks)
  8. Logos (8 decks)
  9. Sanctum (6 decks)
  10. Saurian (6 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Archon decks were:

  1. In Here Somewhere… (29 total)
  2. Junk Restoration (28 total)
  3. Ironyx Rebel (23 total)
  4. Winds of Death (23 total)
  5. Belligerent Guard (21 total)
  6. Be Our Geist (16 total)
  7. Hallowed Eve Festival (16 total)
  8. Braindart (15 total)
  9. Legerdemain (15 total)
  10. Witch of the Eye (15 total)

Archon Results

Below is the full list of Top 8 competitors for Archon at Vault Tour 2024 Rochester.

Champion: Asobi* playing Cecelia, Error-Prone Grounds Professor from Grim Reminders

Runner-Up: SecondAct playing Plimpton of Cyclolitton Matrix from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Mike F. playing Bandola, Archmage of the Spined Plateau from Grim Reminders

Top 4: SourtherlyElf playing Costantino, Ghostrealm’s Nanny from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Drazkor playing Aria, Pylon Genius from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Luke R. playing “Pippa” Woa, Mainframe Lance Corporal from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Kymira playing Kymira, Hammer from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Pfannkuchen playing “Virus”, conquérant de Breforth from Mass Mutation

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Archon Champion - Asobi (Left)
Archon Runner-Up - SecondAct (Right)
Top 4 - Mike F.
Top 4 - SoutherlyElf
Top 8 - Drazkor
Top 8 - Luke R.
Top 8 - Kymira
Top 8 - Pfannkuchen


Alliance ran simultaneously with Archon on Saturday. It saw 10 participants forge alliances, which meant it was one of the smaller tournaments seen at a Vault Tour. Because of this, Ghost Galaxy decided to “run out” the 2LO rounds without a Top Cut. Players played until they had two losses, and this continued until only two players remained. Those players then played a Best-of-Three final match.

KeyForge: Grim Reminders was a favorite, fielding four decks, but KeyForge: Call of the Archons made up the bulk of the rest of the decks at three. KeyForge: Age of Ascension, KeyForge: Mass Mutation, and KeyForge: Winds of Exchange made up the rest at one deck each.

Martians continue to, paradoxically, be good allies as Mars was represented in seven of the decks. Untamed wasn’t wildly far behind at 5 decks. 10 houses managed to be represented among the 10 decks, and the full breakdown is:

  1. Mars (7 decks)
  2. Untamed (5 decks)
  3. Geistoid (4 decks)
  4. Logos (4 decks)
  5. Star Alliance (3 decks)
  6. Brobnar (2 decks)
  7. Dis (2 decks)
  8. Ekwidon (1 deck)
  9. Shadows (1 deck)
  10. Unfathomable (1 deck)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Alliance decks were:

  1. Key Abduction (9 total)
  2. Battle Fleet (7 total)
  3. Haunted House (7 total)
  4. Winds of Death (7 total)
  5. Nepenthe Seed (6 total)
  6. Hallowed Eve Festival (5 total)
  7. In Here Somewhere… (5 total)
  8. Ironyx Rebel (5 total)
  9. Labwork (5 total)
  10. Target Yynxzdyl (5 total)

Alliance Results

Below are the Top 8 competitors for Alliance at Vault Tour 2024 Rochester

Champion: Cat Marrow* playing an Alliance of Unfathomable, Ekwidon, and Star Alliance from Winds of Exchange using Trader as the Token Creature

Runner-Up: June playing an Alliance of Mars, Star Alliance, and Geistoid from Grim Reminders

Top 4: JDG playing an Alliance of Logos, Dis, and Star Alliance from Mass Mutation

Top 4: Lazarith playing an Alliance of Untamed, Dis, and Shadows from Call of the Archons

Top 8: ChaosChrno playing an Alliance of Geistoid, Mars, and Untamed from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Katrina B. playing an Alliance of Untamed, Logos, and Mars from Call of the Archons

Top 8: Fabulousing playing an Alliance of Mars, Untamed, and Logos from Call of the Archons

Top 8: Mortivas playing an Alliance of Brobnar, Logos, and Mars from Age of Ascension

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Alliance Champion - Cat Marrow (Left)
Alliance Runner-Up - June (Left)
Top 4 - JDG
Top 4 - Lazarith
Top 8 - ChaosChrno
Top 8 - Katrina B.
Top 8 - Fabulousing
Top 8 - Mortivas

Second Æmber

Players who got knocked out of the main tournaments on Friday and Saturday could participate in the Second Æmber tournaments where they could earn chances to win a variety of prizes including sealed KeyForge decks, deck boxes, and even the adorable Floomf.

Second Æmber ran as a paired, table-assigned tournament launching rounds in sync with the main tournaments. This was the same as Vault Tour 2024 Roseville, and was a different approach from 2023. It continued to work well, and players seemed to enjoy the ability to continue their KeyForge journeys. Ghost Galaxy will continue to run the Second Æmber events in this manner as it seems to work well and have mass approval from attendees.

Over 46% of eliminated players joined Second Æmber to continue forging. A total of 58 players competed in 133 games across the weekend. The winners of Second Æmber, that is to say those who had the most wins after joining, were SecondAct for Sealed and CertifiedBro for Archon (Alliance was combined with Archon due to attendance numbers). Congratulations on your performances, o’ Reapers of Æmber!


KeyForge: Menagerie and KeyForge: Unchained saw some love with our Sunday mini-tournament, aka “Menagerie Goes Off the Chain. There were 22 players who brought their best decks of these two fun, whacky (but not tournament legal) KeyForge sets to do battle against each other. Many players preferred Menagerie, with it making up 80% of the total decks used. At the end were three undefeated players:

Our Weekend Key-Warrior, that is to say the person with the most wins across all Second Æmber events and the mini-tournament, was TutenKharnage. He had a total of 6 wins across all the events, which tied other participants, but he participated in more events overall.

TutenKharnage, Weekend Key-Warrior

Our Gracious Host

Ghost Galaxy recommends checking out our host, Millennium Games, if you’re ever in the Rochester, New York area. Travis, the owner, has built a one-of-a-kind large format store with a truly eye-popping number of games, a huge event space, and some of the most knowledgeable staff around. Community building is why games like KeyForge should be played at a friendly local store, and Millennium Games is a prime example of how to give community organizers all the tools to do that work. We cannot express how great it was to work with them, from start to finish. Thank you so much, Millennium Games!

Key Coverage

Millennium Games had a wonderful streaming setup built in to their venue’s play space. They allowed us to take over their streaming table to provide some awesome coverage of all the KeyForge happing over the weekend. Just like with Vault Tour 2024 Roseville, we streamed direct to Ghost Galaxy’s YouTube!

Involvement of the existing KeyForge community continued to be very important to us. We asked several key community members to join us for commentary as they wrapped up their KeyForge fun, and many were happy to oblige. In particular we would really like to thank Mortivas and Jupiter, who provided the bulk of the commentary across all three days.

Check out the Alliance and Archon Finals coverage in this article, and if you’re hungry for more please go to our YouTube page to see the rest. Subscribe to see future content while you’re there, and if you wouldn’t mind putting a ‘like’ on our videos it would seriously help our reach!

KeyForge on Tour

You still have chances to compete in KeyForge Vault Tours this year! Visit the links below to learn more information about each of the upcoming events (including hotel blocks!).

San Antonio, TX is May 24-26

Baltimore, MD is June 14-16

Las Vegas, NV is July 12-14

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is July 12-14

Florence, Italy is September 13-15

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