Rise of the Vault Warriors

Published On: February 28, 2024

Every Vault that appears in the Crucible brings with it a clash of Archons. Battles are waged, keys are forged, and eventually the mysteries of the Vault are wrested into the light. And while all Archons relish the secrets of the the Vaults, some relish the fight to claim them even more. These Archons are hungry to lead their followers into glorious battle every time the cycle begins anew. These Archons are the Vault Warriors.

KeyForge is a unique game that is host to a unique series of events known as the Vault Tour. As Ghost Galaxy embarks on its 2nd annual Vault Tour in 2024, details of which have now been announced, a question has been sparked of how best to honor the winners of these events.

We’re proud to introduce the answer. We’re creating a new, exclusive club called the Vault Warriors.

Becoming a Vault Warrior

Vault Warrior is a title bestowed upon those who compete in, and win, any main tournament at a Vault Tour event. Up to three Vault Warriors will be inducted at every event, one for each format (Archon, Alliance, and Sealed).

Only victory will do for claiming this title; it does not pass down to runner-up participants when someone who is already a Vault Warrior wins a second Vault Tour. That is for a very important reason: Anyone who is in inducted into the ranks of the Vault Warriors holds the title for life!

Every winner of a Vault Tour during Ghost Galaxy’s tenure is a Vault Warrior. That means that the title will also retroactively extend to all winners of Vault Tours in 2023. Because all Vault Tours in 2023 used Playstile, retrieving the data to do this will be a snap. Thanks, Playstile!

Spoils of Victory

What is a special title good for if it does not come with something? Joining the ranks of the Vault Warriors gives more than just a title. Here are just a few of the goodies that Ghost Galaxy has planned for its Vault Warrior champions.

Hall of Heroes

Vault Warriors will be celebrated right here at KeyForging.com by being added to a Hall of Heroes with details on their victories and the decks that they used to achieve them. Ghost Galaxy is currently exploring the feasibility of integrating these directly into the Master Vault, allowing those who come for a visit to find the accolades of specific decks and who used those decks to achieve them.

Special Decks

Vault Tour 2024 winners will be some of the first to experience the fruits of what the deck copy system is capable of: reprints of their decks in translated languages with special markings affixed to the card backs and Archon cards.

Each Vault Warrior will receive a free copy of their winning deck with the accolades it was able to accumulate throughout the 2024 season. These decks will be presented at KeyForge Celebration in November, or shipped to them after the conclusion.

There may be even more special things about these decks than that…

Event Access

Ghost Galaxy plans to use the growing list of Vault Warriors to hold a special event that only title holders may access. The first Vault Warrior exclusive event will be held the day before KeyForge Celebration in November. Additional details of the exact nature of the event will be announced at a later date.

The Vaults are Calling

Tickets for US Vault Tour are available now, and the International Vault Tour locations are soon to be finalized. There’s only one way to find out if you’ll be the next Vault Warrior: Don’t delay and get your tickets today!

See you in the Crucible!

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