Word has spread throughout Skyrealm that the Pale Baron of Aileron will once again host a Great Hunt, and to the winner will go all spoils. Will you and your intrepid crew risk your ship and lives for fame, glory, and Æmber?

You and your fellow Archons are about to embark on a dangerous adventure in the skies high above the Crucible. Taking command of a small skyship, you must hunt the legendary and elusive Skybeasts. Only the boldest, and perhaps reckless, skyship crews can hope to earn the greatest prize of the annual Great Hunt: the patronage of the Pale Baron.


In The Great Hunt, players work together to use their skyship, Nantucket, to hunt powerful Skybeasts in the Crucible’s upper stratosphere (known as the Skyrealm). Each time the players defeat a Skybeast with Nantucket, they score a certain amount of renown.

The players must also deal with aggressive Stormkin pirates who will persistently attempt to steal their Æmber. Players do not directly win by forging keys, but each time they forge a key, they earn an upgrade of their choice for Nantucket, which will make it easier for them to earn renown.

There are two groups of enemies in this adventure: One enemy group is the Skybeasts, which the players must successfully hunt using their skyship, Nantucket.

The second enemy group is the Stormkin pirates, who will harass the players throughout the adventure and attempt to steal their Æmber. The Skybeasts and Stormkin are also considered to be enemies of each other. The Stormkin will normally try to avoid the Skybeasts, but the Skybeasts will attack anything that lingers in their territory, including the Stormkin.

Will you win over the Halyards or will the Stormkin pirates foil your renown?

KeyForge: Adventures are a series of unique cooperative game modules in which one to three players work together to overcome some great challenge or danger to the Crucible and its denizens.

To face the challenge inside each KeyForge: Adventure, each player must use a standard 36-card KeyForge deck, a set of keys, and sufficient tokens and counters from their own collection (i.e. sold separately).

Players follow all of the standard rules of KeyForge with the modifications described in the module.

While KeyForge is normally a competitive head-to-head game, KeyForge Adventures allow for everyone to bring their deck to play on the same side.

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt is a KeyForge: Adventure for 1-3 players. Players use their own KeyForge decks from their collection and work together as a team to earn the most renown before their time runs out. You must gather precious Æmber to fuel your skyship and explore the upper stratosphere. Hunt elusive Skybeasts, battle chaotic Stormkin pirates, and possibly discover a long-lost treasure in this exciting prelude to KeyForge: Æmber Skies.

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