KeyForge: Unchained 2023 Deck

The Unchained KeyForge deck format harkens back to the earliest days of KeyForge's initial development when RIchard Garfield's (famed designer of KeyForge) envisioned the Technik game (which was to become KeyForge) as an unbound system that would create the most bizzare and unforeseen card-constellations imaginable. These were the days before the KeyForge algorithm (originally developed by FFG, then Ghost Galaxy) established checks and balances to the procedural KeyForge deck-creation to ensure a more balanced deck-buying experience.

While the Unchained decks are not quite as removed from the algorithmic-police as Richard originally intended (we've made sure that the decks are at least playable), we have cut most of KeyForge's usual digital-bonds and allowed the algorithm to wander mostly wild and free.

Each Unchained Deck is a wild experience in which no balance is guaranteed, but in which much hilarity and fun may be found for discerning KeyForge Players. The 2023 Unchained Set draws cards from KeyForge history up-to and including the Winds of Exchange expansion.

MSRP $14.99

Product Code: KFU01

UPC: 850039408073