KeyForge: Menagerie Archon Deck

KeyForge: Menagerie decks are the latest crazy idea to emerge from the KeyForge development team’s secret lab. KeyForge: Menagerie decks provide their own unique KeyForge experience, each deck includes at least one of more than 50 different packets.

Each Menagerie packet is a group of specific cards chosen from the entire KeyForge card pool. Each packet has a name and theme, designed to give a deck a special feel or identify that in the past was either very unlikely, or potentially impossible.

There are many different types of Menagerie packets such as the massive cards, creature groups, special combo card constellation, and special theme plays.

KeyForge: Menagerie decks are intended as fun and casual play experiences, ideally with two Menagerie decks facing each other.

While each KeyForge: Menagerie is a unique KeyForge deck, they are not legal in tournament play.

MSRP $14.99

Product Code: KFM01

UPC: 850039408588