KeyForge: Æmber Skies Archon Deck

In the vast expanse above the clouds of the Crucible, where the sky meets the horizon, lies the domain of the Skyborn. A loose confederation comprising of baronies, pirates, and merchants, they navigate the endless azure on their prized skyships, each vessel a marvel of engineering and ingenuity.

With alliances forged and broken as swiftly as the gusts that propel their ships, the Skyborn stand as masters of their domain, where the horizon knows no bounds and the sky is the only limit.

KeyForge Æmber Skies is the eight set for KeyForge. With it brings the new House Skyborn, 200 new cards, a New House Enchantment and deck-shaking Skybeasts.

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Product Code: KF18

UPC: 850039408960