Preparing for 2023 Organized Play

Published On: January 20, 2023

2023 brings a lot of excitement for the KeyForge community as it means the return of KeyForge Organized Play!

It’s been a couple months since KeyForge Celebration 2022 where we laid out our vision for OP in the year. Now, we are ready to give an update to these plans and seek help from the KeyForge community to make it happen.

Laying the Foundation

In November, we laid out the roadmap for Ghost Galaxy’s Organized Play. This includes Store Championships, Regionals, Nationals, the World Championship, and Vault Tours across the world. Those who win at a Store Championship or Regional tournament will receive a round 1 bye in the proceeding next step up tournament.

We announced the site for the US National Championship which will be at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana in August 2023. Other National Championship locations around the world are to be determined. We plan to run 10 Vault Tours around the world. Four of these will be held in the United States with an additional six held in other countries. National Championship and Vault Tour winners will receive an invite to compete in the World Championship, which will be held in Roseville, Minnesota in November 2023.

We also announced Vault Tours and the World Championship will be supported with a prize pool. Archons will compete for a $10,000 prize pool at a Vault Tour. The prize gets sweeter at the World Championship, where a $50,000 prize pool is up for grabs.

Awaiting the Return

As mentioned above, we envision the OP formula featuring tiered steps towards the World Championship. While this will be true for future years, 2023 will not be ready to bring the full picture just yet. Ghost Galaxy’s focus in 2023 centers around the production of the latest set, Winds of Exchange, and getting this into customers’ and retailers’ hands. Our current projections indicate this set will not reach retailers before Store Championships would have had to take place. With this being the case, Ghost Galaxy’s made the decision to forego Store Championships for this year. While this may be a bummer to many of you, we do not believe this will impact the rest of our OP plans. We also plan to have a kit available at a later time that both groups and stores can use to get your local gaming community together. We will reveal this kit and its contents at a later time.

Now that it is time to get our hands dirty with OP, please keep reading!

Call of the Archons

In order to run our envisioned events across the world, we will need event partners to help make it happen!

Are you ready to heed the call? Ghost Galaxy is looking for individuals or organizations interested in hosting the following events:

  • Regional events
  • Nationals (except U.S.)
  • Vault Tours

If this sounds interesting to you, we have created an application for Tournament Organizers. Those wanting to run official KeyForge tournaments must abide by the KeyForge Tournament Guidelines and run officially supported formats.

We are still working to lock down locations for the upcoming Nationals and Vault Tours. So we want to hear from you! In the application, tell us why you believe your area deserves a national and/or Vault Tour. This will help us with finalizing our plans to ensure these events are held where our fans are felt most.

If you’re interested in hosting such an event: Do not wait! Fill out the application and let’s welcome back KeyForge Organized Play in 2023!

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