Prepare for Grim Reminders Release

Published On: January 29, 2024

From the distant outlands of the Crucible, from beyond murky Diremouth and even the Great Glass desert, the mysterious Geistoids have come. Awoken by a malign energy and driven by the resentment of forgotten and discarded things, they seek vengeance on all that was kept and those whom are whole. Ever replenishing from the detritus of civilization, the Geistoid horde poses a grave threat to the people of the Crucible.

That Which Remains, Remembers!

After sharing the news about KeyForge: Winds of Exchange English language selling out, we turn our attention to the next set Grim Reminders. Prepare yourselves because the release draws near.

The KeyForge: Grim Reminders English-language will release on March 1, 2024. Those wanting to dive into the next set can do so a week earlier at retailers participating in the pre-release event on February 23, 2024 (date may vary by LGS).

The Grim Reminders Pre-Release pack features three Grim Reminders Archon Decks and a random house pin, primed and ready for a Sealed event!

Check with your local game store to see if they will be hosting a KeyForge: Grim Reminders pre-release event!

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