KeyForge National Championships 2023

Published On: September 12, 2023

The Vaults beckon once more, inviting Archons to hear their call and reach towards greatness.

It is finally time to announce the international locations and dates of the 2023 KeyForge National Championships! We are proud to announce there are 11 international events this season to provide players the opportunity to become a National Champion and qualify for an invite and first round bye in the first ever KeyForge World Championship!

As was mentioned in a previous article, for the 2023 season 10 of the international National Championships will be able to offer their National Champions (1st Place of Archon and Alliance) a travel reimbursement prize of up to $1,500 each. This reimbursement prize represents an exciting opportunity for these champions to cover their expenses for coming to Roseville, Minnesota on November 10th through 12th for the World Championship and the entirety of the 2023 KeyForge Celebration!

To make sure the World Championship is jam-packed with top competitors, invites are also offered to any Runner-Up (2nd Place of Archon andAlliance), and already qualified 1st and 2nd place finishers pass their invites down to the next place finishers (invites are not otherwise transferrable, nor are the travel reimbursement and first round byes).

Players are welcome to attend as many National Championships as they like, and are not required to be from the host country to compete. All tournaments are open-entry, though may be subject to maximum attendance caps. You can find the full list of these National Championships, event details, and ticketing on our 2023 National Championships page!

We’ll see you in the Crucible!

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