Meet the Menagerie

Published On: December 6, 2023

The team at Ghost Galaxy is always looking for different ways to expand on the cards players think about. Last year, we created the concept of Unchained to see what crazy combinations we could have the algorithm churn out if we loosened the restrictions. Some players felt while they enjoyed what Unchained was, they wanted someone with a bit more structure. They also wanted something that saw the return of some cool cards and combos that haven’t been seen in awhile. This got the ideas flowing. Now, we say welcome to KeyForge: Menagerie.

Menagerie decks are the latest crazy idea to emerge from the KeyForge development team’s secret lab. They share a few basic ideas with the Unchained decks. Both types of decks can feature any house that has ever appeared in the game, and are not legal in official tournaments. But, that is where the similarities end.

KeyForge: Menagerie decks provide their own unique KeyForge experience. Every KeyForge: Menagerie deck includes at least one of more than 50 different Menagerie packets. It’s also possible for a deck to feature several different Menagerie packets. So what’s a Menagerie packet? Read on!

Each Menagerie packet is a group of specific cards chosen from the entire KeyForge card pool. Each packet has a name and theme, designed to give a deck a special feel or identify that in the past was either very unlikely, or potentially impossible. There are many different types of Menagerie packets, and we’ll touch on just a few of them.

First, there are the massive creatures packets: Frost Giant, Tangaika and Ultra-Gravitron are just a few of the many possible examples. Each of these big bodies comes with its own set of companion cards.

There are the creature group packets that appear together such as the Four Horsemen, the Seven Sins, and Hastatus Raptors.

Then there are the combo packets! You might see Dark Æmber Vault grouped with multiple random Mutant creatures, Epic Quest paired with Round Table and many random Knights, or Keyfrog paired with ways to destroy it on your own turn!

All of the above is just a brief glimpse at the fun house of madness that KeyForge: Menagerie decks have to offer. Of course we can’t guarantee these decks will feel competitive compared to a regular KeyForge deck, but they will be entertaining! (We recommend Menagerie decks be played against other Menagerie decks for maximum fun.)

Every KeyForge: Menagerie deck will include a list of the Menagerie packets included; the rest of the card slots in the deck are filled in by the deck generation software following normal card rarity rules. There currently are no plans to localize Menagerie decks. We can’t wait for the crazy fun to begin!

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