May The Stars Unite Us

Published On: January 4, 2023

Keyforge Worlds Collide released in November 2019 as the first set to introduce new houses to the Crucible. We recently touched on one of those houses, Saurian. Now we take time to look at the other house that descended from the stars, Star Alliance that is.

The Grand Star Alliance welcomes many species into its fold as a house of democratic purposes. Star Alliance spent years exploring the far reaches of the galaxy, working towards a peaceful alliance with others while expanding their scientific knowledge. Yet, misfortune struck as the SAV Quantum crew came crashing down onto the Crucible. The crew began to create a small city on this new land. They designated this city as Camp One, while everyone else called it Quantum City.

The Star Alliance community continue their work of uniting those they come in contact with. Yet, they do hope to get space bound once again and in contact with Fleet Command. The crew are unable to accomplish this in its current state. They must seek the knowledge of the other houses and Archons, maybe even refine this Æmber they’ve heard of, or maybe the vault has the answer. 

In our previous article on Mars, we mentioned it draws a lot of inspiration to classic movie depictions. Star Alliance does much the same, except for all classic sci-fi movies. The thematic approach for this house is in the name, Alliance. They believe the greatest strength comes from diversity. This house works well with those outside the active house, allowing you to play cards even if not from Star Alliance. This lends to the fact Star Alliance features a lot of upgrades, lending the Star Alliance knowledge to all those willing to accept it.

In order to survive on the Crucible, Star Alliance believes everyone is Stronger Together. They proudly wear the Badge of Unity to prove it. Yet Scout Chief Korijir knows not everyone on the Crucible feels the same. So all must be prepared for if fighting breaks out. The Star Alliance weapons rival that of House Mars when called upon. You can use the Pupgrade to bolster your single attack or widen your battleline. When needed, a little Photon Blast can do well to keep your enemies at bay.

So with that, will you join the Star Alliance? Can you help lead this crew back into their galaxy exploring days once again? Be sure to come back and see the final house, Unfathomable. If you missed our previous articles, you can go check out the details on House Brobnar, Mars, Sanctum, Saurian, and Ekwidon for more.

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