Master Vault

API Key Request Form

Ghost Galaxy requests any third parties wanting to access information from the Master Vault to fill out this request form. This form will help us better understand your needs and use cases for accessing the information. This will in turn be used as we continue to work and refine the Master Vault.

NOTE: Submitting a request does not guarantee the receiving of an API Key. API Key use will be monitored and may be revoked if deemed to be abused or used for purposes other than those submitted by this form at the full discretion of Ghost Galaxy. You must have an API Key to access Master Vault data starting April 3, 2023.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge this information to be complete and accurate to the best of my abilities. I understand by applying, I am not guaranteed an API Key from Ghost Galaxy and understand, if presented with an API Key, my API Key access may be revoked if I am found in violation of using an API Key for unauthorized uses.