Las Vegas Vault Tour Results

Published On: October 16, 2023

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but they must not play KeyForge. We’re happy to share the secrets of the latest vault, discovered by 74 curious Archons in three action-packed days of gaming and competition. There were no sure gambles, and many risked it all for a chance at cash and prizes in the City of Lights.

At the conclusion of the event, two new champions were crowned and each awarded the top prize of $3,000—one for the Archon tournament and one for the Alliance tournament. The two runners-up in each tournament received a $1,000 prize and the third and fourth-place finishers in both tournaments walked away with $500 each. The top two finishers in each tournament who didn’t already have invitations to the 2023 KeyForge World Championship received invitations in addition to the cash prizes.

Tournament Stats

The Archon tournament featured 51 players. Winds of Exchange was singing Viva Las Vegas as the most represented set in the tournament at 31 decks. Continuing a trend from Dallas, no other sets broke double-digits. Dark Tidings fielded no decks on the day.

Ekwidon hit the jackpot for most represented house at 22 appearances. Untamed was lost in the woods, showing up in only 3 decks. The full house breakdown was:

  1. Ekwidon (22 decks)
  2. Mars (18 decks)
  3. Unfathomable (18 decks)
  4. Brobnar (17 decks)
  5. Logos (16 decks)
  6. Star Alliance (16 decks)
  7. Sanctum (15 decks)
  8. Saurian (12 decks)
  9. Dis (8 decks)
  10. Shadows (8 decks)
  11. Untamed (3 decks)

The top 12 cards that appeared most frequently in Archon decks were:

  1. Steward Su-Uzyanĕ (22 total)
  2. Shrewd Investor (21 total)
  3. Befuddle (17 total)
  4. The Visible Hand (16 total)
  5. Rowdy Skald (14 total)
  6. Wild Wormhole (14 total)
  7. Abyssal Sight (13 total)
  8. Berserker Slam (13 total)
  9. Closed-Door Negotiation (13 total)
  10. Generous Offer (13 total)
  11. Kelpminder (13 total)
  12. Fathom Reaver (12 total)

267 different cards appeared only once across all Archon decks.

Alliances were forged by 23 players. Nine decks among them were Winds of Exchange, making it the most represented set by a significant margin. The runner up was Age of Ascension with five total alliances.

Logos and Mars displayed their full technological superiority as the only houses in double-digits. Saurian was nearly extinct, appearing in just two. The full breakdown was:

  1. Logos (11 decks)
  2. Mars (10 decks)
  3. Untamed (8 decks)
  4. Star Alliance (7 decks)
  5. Unfathomable (7 decks)
  6. Brobnar (6 decks)
  7. Dis (5 decks)
  8. Ekwidon (5 decks)
  9. Shadows (5 decks)
  10. Sanctum (3 decks)
  11. Saurian (2 decks)

The top 12 cards that appeared most frequently in Alliance decks were:

  1. Helper Bot (9 total)
  2. Abyssal Sight (8 total)
  3. Brikk Nastee (8 total)
  4. Eyegor (8 total)
  5. Infurance (8 total)
  6. Kamalani (8 total)
  7. Martian Generosity (8 total)
  8. Nepenthe Seed (8 total)
  9. Befuddle (7 total)
  10. Key Abduction (7 total)
  11. Closed-Door Negotiation (6 total)
  12. Daughter (6 total)

Archon Results

Champion: Nova* playing Jacques “Aombre”, lord de la station from Worlds Collide

Runner-Up: Lycanthrope444** playing Kantphage, the Lady General of the Keep from Age of Ascension

Top 4: Xray** playing Browning of Vinetrack from Mass Mutation

Top 4: Xoque playing Principal L. Grouserastler from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Sprek playing Ursulfoil Gagnon-Briouse, Councilor from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Oddmonster playing Zandro “Wight” Ellique from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Kid_Dynamite playing Flistype, the Wimpy Floating City Paragon from Winds of Exchange

Top 8: Drazkor playing The Ooze that Trains All Three Houses from Winds of Exchange

* Previously invited to the 2023 KeyForge Alliance World Championship from a past tournament

** Received an invitation to the 2023 KeyForge Alliance World Championship Tournament

Pictured from Left to Right: Xoque, Nova, Lycanthrope444, Xray

Alliance Results

To provide a longer and more satisfying tournament experience, Ghost Galaxy chose to run Las Vegas Alliance to a Top 4.

Champion: Big_Z* playing an Alliance of Logos, Untamed, and Mars from Call of the Archons

Runner-Up: DonutsDad** playing an Alliance of Mars, Logos, and Untamed form Age of Ascension

Top 4: x073d** playing an Alliance of Untamed, Mars, and Logos form Age of Ascension

Top 4: Dave C.* playing an Alliance of Unfathomable, Star Alliance, and Ekwidon form Winds of Exchange

* Previously invited to the 2023 KeyForge Alliance World Championship from a past tournament

** Received an invitation to the 2023 KeyForge Alliance World Championship Tournament

Pictured from Left to Right: Dave C, Big_Z, DonutsDad, x073d

Second Æmber

On Saturday, 41 players participated in the Second Æmber tournament after they were eliminated from a main event. A total of 48 Second Æmber games were played, earning a wide range of participants chances to win various prizes including sealed KeyForge decks, metal key tokens, card sleeves, or playmats. Dallas’s most dedicated Second Æmber player was Chase, who played in seven matches throughout the day.

But that’s not all! Throughout the weekend Archons were challenging the Keyraken, launching groups for Sealed fun, playing casual side games, and even challenging for one of the Tabletop Royal title belts floating around the community (a different one than the one in Dallas)!

Don’t Cross the Streams!

We would like to thank Tabletop Royal and 1 Star Peeps 5 Star Games. These streamers participated in various events across the weekend, and also streamed the Alliance and Archon events respectively.

You can check out the TTR Twitch at this link, and the 1SP5SG Twitch at this link. We have also embedded a YouTube video of the Alliance tournament for your viewing pleasure. Consider dropping both creators likes and subscribes on both platforms. They deserve it.

Thanks for the help, you wonderful streaming folks!

The Ultimate Vault Awaits

The tour concludes with the 2023 KeyForge World Championships (Invitation-Only) hosted at KeyForge Celebration in Roseville, Minnesota. Up to 32 participants in will compete for a total prize pool of $50,000 ($25,000 each event)!

There’s KeyForge fun for everyone. Even if you never secured a spot for Worlds, casual events and even a Last Chance Qualifier are open to all. Get your tickets to Celebration today by following the link below!

KeyForge Celebration in Roseville, Minnesota is November 10-12

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