KeyForge: Tokens of Change Announcement

Published On: April 29, 2024

The glowing seals around the corrupt vault pulsed like the heartbeat of a great, slumbering beast. Eleven seals representing eleven oaths, each empowered by the lifeforce of a thousand champions who had selflessly martyred themselves for the safety of the Crucible. So much sacrifice, thought Redeemer Amara, and barely a token of appreciation. The Dark Æmber entombed in the vault behind the seals could have been the end of all pure life, Amara was certain of it. Sealing the vault had halted the immediate threat, but the true work had barely begun.

Redeemer Amara turned to face her steadfast congregation: knights, squires, monks, priests, and a host of outcasts and lost souls from every corner of the world. “We are the Cult of the Redemption,” she boomed. “We sealed the great vault before you and contained the power of darkness within. For years we have stood vigilant, ensuring it never again opens. But merely guarding the vault isn’t enough. We must purify our world of all traces of the corruption this vault wrought! All of us have been afflicted, corrupted, tainted, one way or another, by the mutating powers behind these holy barriers. We must venture forth and root out all traces of mutation in the world. Mutants who aid us willingly will earn their redemption. Otherwise, they must be destroyed! Either way, the Crucible will return to a state of purity!”

Unveiled as part of the KeyForge: Æmber Skies Gamefound campaign, a new special set is coming to KeyForge later this year. KeyForge: Tokens of Change revisits a popular game mechanic: token creatures.

Return of Token Creatures

What exactly are token creatures? Every KeyForge: Tokens of Change deck will include exactly one token creature reference card, plus card abilities within the deck that create token creatures. Each time a card ability instructs you to make a token creature, you take the top card of your deck and add it to your battleline, facedown, on the flank of your choice. Token creatures enter play exhausted. Each one of your token creatures in play is considered a copy of your deck’s token creature reference card.

Guardian is an example of a token creature reference card from House Redemption.

Token creatures first appeared in KeyForge: Winds of Exchange and was a very popular addition. With the KeyForge: Tokens of Change special set, we jumped at the chance to design Token Creatures for those houses that did not appear in KeyForge: Winds of Exchange (as well as a chance to tell the story of the Sanctum Schism, of course).

In other words, the list of houses featured in KeyForge: Tokens of Change will include all of the KeyForge houses that haven’t yet utilized the token creature mechanic, plus the new house known as Redemption. The houses are:

House Redemption is making its debut in KeyForge: Tokens of Change, one splintered from house Sanctum. Years ago, all living creatures on the Crucible were threatened by the corrupting influence of Dark Æmber. This substance radiated with powerful psychic energies that drew living creatures to it, then caused those creatures to experience sudden and dramatic mutations. The source of Dark Æmber was traced back to a structure that became known as the Dark Æmber Vault. The threat was finally contained at great cost by an army of Sanctum knights and monks, many of whom became corrupted in the process. The remnants of this entourage have since formed the Cult of the Redemption, whose self-appointed duties include guarding the Dark Æmber Vault to ensure it is never again opened.

Swift Induction and Redeemer Amara are two examples of cards that “make a token creature.”

KeyForge Special Set?

A “special set” for KeyForge constitutes a set that utilizes a past mechanic, narrative, or concept while adding new flair and ideas. They are published outside the normal annual cadence of two core Keyforge releases (in 2024, our core releases are KeyForge: Grim Reminders and KeyForge: Æmber Skies). Examples of other KeyForge special sets are KeyForge: Unchained, KeyForge: Menagerie, and KeyForge: Vault Masters. Some special sets will be released commercially to retail (such as KeyForge: Menagerie next month), and some (like KeyForge: Vault Masters) will be tournament-legal.
KeyForge: Tokens of Change is a special set available to backers of this campaign (including retail backers), and one which we plan to release commercially at the very end of 2024. KeyForge: Tokens of Change decks are also tournament-legal.

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