Master Vault Deck Ownership Primer

The most innovative and amazing feature of KeyForge is surely the fact that every deck is completely unique in the world. In order to provide deck owners with a series of services related to their unique decks, the KeyForge Master Vault will track Master Vault ownership of decks. To discover and register ownership of a deck, you will need a Master Vault account.

Discovery Is Master Vault Ownership!

When you register a new deck for the first time, you discover the deck and receive one Æmber in your Master Vault account. In addition, you will also be registered as the Owner of that deck. Owning a deck gives you a number of benefits, see the “Benefits of Ownership” section below.

Once scanned, the deck will be visible in your “My Decks” view, and will also be visible to any Friend in the Master Vault.

Ownership of Decks Scanned Prior to May 31, 2023

Thousands and thousands of users have discovered and scanned decks into the Master Vault account since late 2019. Such users will find a record of their older deck scans in the “Legacy Deck” list in the Master Vault.

In order to register ownership of an already discovered deck, the user in possession of the deck will need to rescan the deck to assume Master Vault ownership.

Please be careful with sharing your Unique Deck Code, if another Master Vault user is in possession of that code, then they may claim ownership instead.

Deck Transfers

The Master Vault enables users to transfer deck ownership to other users* by use of the Deck Transfer tool. If you wish to transfer ownership of a deck to another user, navigate to the Master Vault Transfers section and follow the instructions provided.

Ownership transfer of a deck requires the explicit permission of both initiating and receiving users. The initiating user will have one Æmber deducted from their account for each transfer.

*The deck transfer tool is expect to be ready for public use the week of June 5, 2023.

WARNING: When purchasing a new deck it is important that you do not share the deck code with others. The unique deck code is found on the deck in the areas indicated by the below graphic. If another player enters the unique ID on your deck, then that player will become the Master Vault owner of the deck instead.

The Unique Deck ID of any deck is located on the List Card
of the deck, both in printed and QR-Code form.


In order to transfer a deck a user must a) be the deck’s Master Vault Owner, b) must have at least one Æmber in their account, and c) must know the Master Vault User Name of the receiving user.

Here’s how to go about transferring Master Vault Deck Ownership of a deck:

Instructions for the Transferring User

To start the process for transferring a deck, first navigate to the “My Decks” page. Here, locate and select the deck you want to transfer to another user and select that deck. Then, on the deck’s detail page, scroll down to locate the “Transfer Deck” button.

Upon clicking this button, a field will open to enter the Master Vault username of the user to whom you wish to transfer the deck’s Master Vault Ownership to. The transferring user must know the recipient’s Master Vault username to initiate a transfer.

After submitting the recipient’s username, the transferring user must confirm the transfer. To proceed, hit proceed to submit the request. One Æmber will be deducted from the transferring users’ Master Vault account for each deck transfer.

The Receiving User

The user receiving the deck transfer will be notified by email that a deck is being transferred to them. Additionally, a red dot will be visible in the “Deck Transfer” listing in the Master Vault drop-down menu, signifying that one or more actions are required.

The deck recipient may click on the link in the email to navigate to the “Deck Transfers” page on their Master Vault account.

Here, the deck recipient will see a list of pending deck transfers (both incoming and outgoing). For each deck transfer, the recipient is provided with two options: to Accept Transfer or Deny Transfer.

After accepting a transfer, the deck recipient may now navigate to see the deck in their “My Decks” list (a few minutes and a browser refresh may be required for the transfer to be viewed).

Denied Transfers

If a transfer is denied by the recipient, then no transfer will take place, and the transferring user will be credited back one Æmber.

Deck Ownership Benefits

Establishing ownership of a given deck allows Ghost Galaxy to provide several important services to players, such as:

Deck Copies
In the near future, Ghost Galaxy will allow deck owners to purchase custom-printed copies of their decks. These decks will feature a special border and text to indicate that they are copies. Deck copies will be allowed in official tournaments, provided the player has ownership of the original deck.

Deck copies can be important to players that have lost (or damaged) one or more cards of the original deck (which would otherwise would have left the deck unplayable in tournaments). Further, some players may not wish to play with an original, treasured, deck in tournaments. Making a deck copy gives such players an option to play with a copy instead.

Translated Copies
Many fun KeyForge decks are produced in a language different from your own. To better allow players to play foreign language decks, Ghost Galaxy will in the near future allow deck owners to purchase a custom-printed translated copy of a deck. For example, if you own an Italian deck, you would be able to purchase a translated copy in English of that deck.

Translated copies will feature a special border and text to indicating that they are translated copies. Translated copies will be allowed in tournaments, provided that the player has ownership of the original deck.

Theft Mitigation
We hope that introducing Master Vault deck ownership will significantly discourage deck theft. Even if a deck should be stolen, the deck owner may purchase deck copies of the deck for use in tournaments (as deck ownership in the KeyForge Master Vault would not have transferred).

More to Come
In addition to the above benefits, deck ownership will allow Ghost Galaxy to provide other benefits and services to deck owners in the future, more to be announced later.

Master Vault Deck Ownership Dispute

Master Vault Deck Ownership Disputes are rare, but take place when a deck is claimed by two users. This will occur when a user seeks to register a deck, but the system informs them that another user already is the Master Vault deck owner.

In such a situation, the registering player may escalate the failed registration to a dispute. Master Vault Deck Ownership disputes include a tiered escalation approach in which each tier needs to be resolved before the next tier may be initiated.


If a user scans a deck that has already been claimed by another user in the Master Vault, they will be asked whether to submit a deck claim request.

Submitting a claim request will deduct one Æmber from the claimant’s account.

Once submitted, the current Master Vault deck owner will be informed by email that another Master Vault user has submitted a request claiming Master Vault Deck Ownership of the deck. The current Master Vault owner has seven days to accept or reject the claim request.

A link is provided on the email for the current Master Vault deck owner to take them to where they can approve or decline the deck claim request in their Master Vault account.

If approved, the Master Vault Deck Ownership will transfer to the claimant.

If denied, or if the current Master Vault deck owner does not respond within seven days, the system will automatically mark the request as rejected. A rejected claim will result in one Æmber being refunded back to the claimant.

If the Claim Request does not resolve the situation to the claimant’s satisfaction, they may escalate their claim to a digital review.

Tier 2 – Digital deck claim review

The next tier in the Master Vault Deck Ownership dispute system requires a digital review by a member of the Ghost Galaxy team.

After denial in the Claim Request tier, a Master Vault user whom wishes to escalate a Master Vault Deck Ownership claim will be able to initiate a Digital Deck Claim Review on the Deck Claims page (link to Deck Claims are found at the bottom of the Deck Transfer page).

The submission portion of Digital Deck Claims are handled by our technology partner Playstile. Submitting a Digital Deck Claim will cost the claimant a non-refundable amount of 10 Æmber.

Once on the relevant Playstile page, the claimant will need to follow the steps listed in order to properly submit the deck claim for review. These steps are as follows:

1) The claimant must click on the indicated button to generate a unique token PDF. This PDF will feature a code that is unique to the deck claim and will be required to verify your submission.

2) The claimant must now take six specific photos of their claimed deck which are listed both on the Playstile page and the PDF. These photos will need the cards to be placed in the outlined space found on the unique token PDF. Be sure that each photo includes the unique code found on the PDF.

3) Check each photo to ensure it is of good quality and clearly shows the card details, in particular be sure that the focus is correct. Claims with low quality or unreadable photo(s) will result in an automatic denial.

4) Claimant must attach and upload each image to the claim request in the designated section of the Playstile web page.

5) If everything looks correct, the claimant should then submit the form for review.

A Ghost Galaxy team member will personally review the submitted information, along with internal data, to make a decision on the validity of the deck. The decision of the reviewer is final.

If Ghost Galaxy verifies that the data submitted is correct and corresponds with internal measures, the deck claim will be approved and the Master Vault Deck Ownership will be transferred to the claimant. In this case, an email will be sent to both the submitting user and the previous Master Vault deck owner explaining the result of the digital deck claim.

If Ghost Galaxy determines that we cannot verify the deck’s validity digitally, the deck claim will be denied and the claimant will receive an email explaining the decision.

If a denied claimant believes that the situation warrants a final escalation, claimant must request a physical deck review by Ghost Galaxy. The method for submitting a physical deck review will be be explained in the digital ownership claim denial email.

Tier 3 – Physical deck review

If denied in both previous dispute tiers, the final method for a Master Vault user to claim Master Vault Deck Ownership will be to initiate a Physical Deck Review. Specific instructions for physical deck review will be provided to claimant upon request. It should be noted that this authentication service will incur the claimant a fee of $25 per deck, plus shipping costs (to and from Ghost Galaxy), so it is not a process that should be used lightly.

Upon receipt of the physical deck, Ghost Galaxy will make a physical inspection of the deck to confirm authenticity. If the deck is found authentic, the deck claim will be approved and the Master Vault Deck Ownership will be transferred to the claimant. In this case, an email will be sent to both the submitting user and the previous Master Vault deck owner explaining the result of the physical deck claim.

Ghost Galaxy will not have the equipment, materials, expertise, or needed data necessary to adjudicate physical deck claims at in-person events (such as Vault Tours).

Master Vault deck ownership is subject to our Terms of Use.