KeyForge 2024 Organized Play

Published On: January 12, 2024

It is time to reveal the way forward for KeyForge 2024 Organized Play. The plans for the coming season has been underway since we concluded KeyForge Celebration 2023 and we are now thrilled to disclose our plans. We can’t wait to see both returning and new players at KeyForge events in 2024.

Ghost Galaxy divides KeyForge Organized Play (“OP”) into two categories, being Retail Events and Premiere Events. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our plans for both categories.

Retail Events

Engagement with local game stores (LGS) is critical as they play pivotal roles in creating and sustaining player groups. Growing KeyForge requires that stores have a mix of relaxed and competitive events to welcome both new and existing players.

Here are the activities planned to support retail events over the coming year:

In-Store Play

To support regular KeyForge play at LGS, Ghost Galaxy will soon begin offering In-Store Play Kits to interested retailers. These kits are intended to facilitate regular in-store play and will contain materials to promote the game as well as prizes and various goodies for players. LGS will be able to start ordering these kits in late February.

Dragon’s Lair, Texas U.S.

Pre-Release Events

Prior to the commercial release of each new KeyForge set, LGS patrons will be able to enjoy a first-look via the KeyForge Pre-Release events.

The next pre-release event will be for KeyForge: Grim Reminders on February 23, 2024 (date may vary by LGS).

2024 Store Championships

Store Championships form the foundational level of competitive KeyForge play. They are intended as the primary tournament event for LGS KeyForge communities.

Your LGS will be able to complete signup for Store Championships starting today by navigating to this link (applications close on January 31, 2024).

Each LGS is expected to run their Store Championship between March 1 and March 31, 2024.

As a player, if you’re excited about attending a KeyForge Store Championship at your LGS, don’t hesitate to let your store know about the link above.

KeyForge: Grim Reminder Pre-Release Pack
Releases March 2024

Summer Special Event

The Summer Special Event is a special KeyForge “happening” activated by Ghost Galaxy each summer in partnership with LGS. The 2024 Summer Special Event will be a “Storyline Event” that allows players to take an active role in shaping the story of the Crucible. This will take the form of a special event kit containing the fun and surprising materials required for players to make their mark on KeyForge history.

More information about the 2024 Summer Special Event will be forthcoming this April.

Playstile ACCESS

KeyForge has worked in partnership with the Playstile software not only to directly support official KeyForge tournaments (complete with deck and Master Vault integration), but have been working to support retail promotion and event scheduling with its Retail and Event Locator tools (coming soon). Later this year, we plan for both players and retailers to be able to create events and run tournaments directly in Playstile.

Premiere Events

“Premiere Events” form the second pillar of KeyForge OP. These are high-level occasions meant to drive continued engagement for the most ardent players and fans. Ghost Galaxy will run Premiere Events ourselves, or may partner with dedicated local organizers. The Premiere Events for 2024 are as follows:

2024 Vault Tour

The KeyForge Vault Tour consists of a series of large dedicated KeyForge events hosted in geographically distinct areas in the largest global KeyForge markets. Not only will Vault Tour participants be able to mingle with fellow KeyForge players, get access to special KeyForge merchandise, but may engage in competitive tournaments in which winners qualify for World Championship invitations.

This year’s Vault Tour events will run from April through July, and the first stop will be hosted by Ghost Galaxy in Roseville, Minnesota on April 5-7, 2024.

In 2023, Ghost Galaxy offered cash prizes to Vault Tour winners. However, this did not have the energizing effect required to warrant a continuation, and feedback from KeyForge communities largely was that cash prizes did not feel meaningful or necessary.

Therefore, the 2024 Vault Tour (and the 2024 World Championship) will not feature cash prizing. Instead, alternative prizes and honors are planned that we hope will bring smiles to player’s faces.

More information on the 2024 Vault Tour will arrive in February.

Much fun was had during the 2023 Vault Tour

National Championships

The KeyForge National Championships allow each nation to host a KeyForge event to gather their country’s KeyForge community so that they may determine national champions in each primary KeyForge game format. The US National Championship will be run by Ghost Galaxy itself (at Gen Con, in early August), while other nationals will be organized by our international publishing partners or other designated organizers.

National Championships will take place between August 1 and September 30.

More information on National Championships will be forthcoming this March.

World Championship

The World Championship is the highest-level KeyForge event. Hosted at the annual KeyForge Celebration event, it is the pinnacle of the KeyForge OP season.

There will be three World Champions in 2024, one each for the Archon, Alliance, and Sealed formats.

Attendance at the World Championship is by invitation only.

How do players earn KeyForge World Championship invites? In one of the following ways:

1) Principally, World Championship invitations are earned by winning a 2024 National Championship or Vault Tour tournament.

2) Those players who won the 2023 Archon or Alliance World Championship, are invited in their respective formats to the 2024 World Championship.

3) Those players who won the 2023 Archon or Alliance Open Tournament, are invited in their respective formats to the 2024 World Championship.

4) Finally, a “Last Chance Qualifier” tournament will be held on the first day of KeyForge Celebration, allowing any attendee to compete for remaining open spots in the World Championship (if any).

The World Championship will be held at the Gamezenter venue in Roseville, Minnesota on November 7-10, 2024 (at KeyForge Celebration).

In 2023, cash prizes were awarded to finalists at the KeyForge World Championship. As with the Vault Tour cash prizes, this did not have the necessary impact to warrant continuing, so instead non-cash (but still wonderful) prizes and honors will be bestowed on World Championship finalists in 2024.

More details on KCF will be provided this summer.

2023 Alliance World Championship Finalists

2023 Archon World Championship Finalists

KeyForge Celebration

The end-of-year gathering known as KeyForge Celebration or “KFC” resurfaces in its third installment in November 2024.

While its star attraction, the World Championship, is invite-only, KFC continues to be open for all KeyForge players. Here, players may try to capture a last-minute World Championship invite by playing in the “Last Chance Qualifier” tournament, face fellow Archons at the annual KeyForge Open tournaments, participate in several casual events, meet the Ghost Galaxy team, see products previews, watch the best KeyForge players in action, and (of course) mingle with the amazing KeyForge community.

KeyForge Celebration 2024 will be held November 7-10 in Roseville Minnesota (at Gamezenter).

KeyForge 2024 Organized Play at a Glance

Below you will find a summary of the 2024 KeyForge OP Plans.

Supported Formats and Tournament Rules Updates

As mentioned above, we are excited to say that KeyForge in 2024 will support three competitive formats: Archon, Alliance, and Sealed. For more information on the new Sealed competitive format, read more here.

In a few days, we will share an update to the Tournament Rules & Guidelines (TRG), and Master Rules Book (MRB) which will include changes to the Alliance restricted list for 2024.

REMINDER: Store Championships are Imminent

Now that the KeyForge OP plans for 2024 have been revealed, it’s time to prepare for the Store Championships. Check out our article announcing Store Championship details and share it with your local retailer!

See you in the Crucible!

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