Ghost Galaxy is looking for judges for our Organized Play events, which include Nationals, World Championship, and Vault Tours. This form is to gather interest and create a contact list to be used by Ghost Galaxy and designated event partners for locating and identifying judges. Ghost Galaxy and, when applicable, event partners will review applications and reach out to those that we feel may best fit our needs. Those with little to no experience are still encouraged to apply as this may be used for future, undisclosed plans.
NOTE: Due to volume of requests, we may not get back to all applicants, but do appreciate the desire in helping build the KeyForge Community.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge this information to be complete and accurate to the best of my abilities. I understand by applying, I am not guaranteed a response back nor the right to judge an event for Ghost Galaxy or its designated partners. I understand my information will be used solely for the purposes of verifying if I am a good fit to be a judge for official KeyForge events with Ghost Galaxy or its designated partners and in no way excludes me from judging unofficial events. I give Ghost Galaxy and its designated partners permission to use this information and contact me for this purpose.