Published On: September 24, 2022

We have previously told of the work required to bring a game like KeyForge back from its state of torpor. This work has been underway and making steady strides. With the wind (pun intended) of the successful (still ongoing until Monday Sept.26th, 2022) Gamefound campaign at our backs, our work will be stronger still.

C’mon you may say, it is easy to talk about progress being made, and it is quite another to show it. The short video below provides a fun look as to what we have brewing!

Does this mean the deck-generation software is done?

Not quite. It has made enormous progress in a few short months, thanks in no small part to the ForgeFire software being developed by one of our sister-companies.

While the initial start-to-end output is working, as you saw in the video, there is still work to do. This entails such things as chasing down bugs, improving UI for our designers and developers, as well as adding features supporting some of the announcements of our Gamefound campaign, such as Unchained decks, custom-named decks, and foreign-language translations.

We also need to begin importation of all pre-Winds of Exchange cards into the system so that we can produce legacy cards and Unchained decks. As this information is now stored only in old printing files, the transfer of these is no trivial task (if you recall, easily retrievable card data from the old system was lost prior to our acquisition of KeyForge).

That said, we are getting close to be able to start actual manufacturing. It is very exciting indeed.

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