Invaders From Mars

Published On: December 14, 2022

Let’s continue our series on each of the houses coming to KeyForge: Winds of Exchange set. It’s time to look at the out worldly creatures of impeccable destruction. This being the creatures of House Mars, another of the original houses in KeyForge. After a long hiatus, the martians make their triumphant return, or invasive one depending on who you ask.

Martian Domination

House Mars draws much of its inspiration from the classic movie depictions of Martians. Take a look at movies like Invaders from Outer Space and you can see the similarities. The Martian Empire uses flying saucers to traverse the land and classic ray guns to zap those they deem as a threat, or inferior. Yet, Martians need to always advance their technologies as the threats on the Crucible continue to mount.

The pop culture depictions inspire the play style of House Mars. Mars cards tend to work best, or even at all, within its own house. Mars likes Mars and will do everything in its power to keep Mars thriving in the Crucible. In fact, Martians Make Bad Allies. They also aren’t good for your opponents. All they think about is Exterminate! Exterminate!

House Mars joined the fray in the original set Call of the Archons. The Martian front followed the lead of its wise Elders, like Memrox the Red. These tall creatures with long necks enjoyed more freedoms than those that followed them, allowing them to explore the science around them. While the elders did well in directing the rest of the Martian Empire, they decided to lead the empire into hiding starting with Worlds Collide before returning in Winds of Exchange. Mars didn’t sit quietly while away though. You could almost say the time away sparked a R-Evolution.

Unrest can spread like a sickness even in the most loyal of troops. Small streams in cracks can become uncrossing rivers in the minds of the scorned. A rebellion brews in House Mars.

The once proud sea of green now don specks of red, a sign of dissent with the elders. A banner raises, the Ironyx banner, with an extended hand from one of the leaders, Borka Rikk, beckoning the scorned to join them. The Ironyx Rebels fight to gain control of the Martian Empire. They shall gain the freedom they rightly deserve. However, the elders will not let up on their control so easily to these Revo Hooligans.

The majority of the Martian Empire may lack intimidating size, but they make up for it with sheer numbers. Martians are created to fight, ensuring House Mars will continue to thrive. Many cards in the latest set feature ways to create token creatures and overwhelm your opponents battleline. If numbers don’t overwhelm them, then they’ll enlist an Ether Spider to capture your opponent’s Æmber. Either way, House Mars shall not perish.

So are you a follower of the Martian Empire? What card do you feel leads to alien domination? Let us know over on Twitter! If you missed our previous articles, you can go check out the details on House Brobnar and House Ekwidon.

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