Introducing Playstile

Published On: July 25, 2023

The first stop of the Vault Tour season in Philadelphia brought forth a lot of excitement from players! Not only did this event mark the first Vault Tour tournament since 2020, but it also meant introducing the world to a new tournament software, Playstile! Overall, the inaugural use of Playstile was very successful, and the Ghost Galaxy team received many positive comments on the software from players.

What is Playstile?

Playstile is a player community and tournament management software being developed by our sister company (of Forgefire fame) to handle the complex components of tournaments and other needs of player-communities. Between scanning player IDs and scanning decks, Playstile manages these for tournament organizers so they can focus on running the best event possible.

Players utilize their existing Keybringer account service (the same one you use to log into the Master Vault) to log in to Playstile and display tournament information. This means you do not have to create another account in order to use Playstile.

We have worked with Playstile on customizations that interact with the Master Vault directly to check Master Vault Deck Ownership as well as Alliance Decks created in the player’s account. It will also check player accounts for an Event Key for tournaments that require it, such as a Vault Tour.

While the full version of Playstile is not ready for prime-time, we will be using Playstile for running the Archon and Alliance tournaments at upcoming Vault Tour stops and at Gen Con. Players will need to make sure they have an Event Key when signing up for either tournament at these events.

As Playstile is still in beta, when logging in, players will currently only see the Playstile dashboard which will display no active event.

However, during the tournament, the player’s individual dashboard will display the player’s opponent and table number for the next match so that players may find their match quickly. Players will also notice a Report Match button under their displayed match. Once a match is complete, both players will click this button and report their match result at the conclusion of their game. This will help tournament organizers get match results faster as well as spot any discrepancies in match reporting if both players submit different results.

We are working with Playstile to integrate it more into our overall KeyForge OP plan in the future. We hope that players and retailers will soon be able to use the software to create local events and tournaments (we anticipate this will happen towards the end of the year). Head over to Playstile now by clicking the button below.

Improvements Coming With “Stile”!

Based in no small part by feedback from the Philly VT, Playstile is already being enhanced, improved, and bugs fixed. Players will see several improvements in the application at our next major tournament (being the GEN CON ’23 U.S. Nationals). One specific improvement will be the ability for tournament staff to better inform players about round-start times and to provide round-start warnings through the application.

The Playstile team have many additional plans for enhancing the software. We will let you know about those improvements (as they relate to KeyForge) when they’re rolling out.

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