International Vault Tour Update

Published On: July 28, 2023

A Tale of Tours…

We announced our intentions for KeyForge Organized Play at KeyForge Celebration in November 2022 filled with excitement and promise. This initial vision included 10 Vault Tour events with four in the United States and six taking part all around the world. We immediately began working to make these events a reality.

As time went on, we found the goal of six International Vault Tour stops would be difficult to meet. This was in no small part related to the difficulty in re-igniting the commercial distribution/localization partners for KeyForge, whom had been skeptical (for good reason) as to the success of KeyForge’s revival. As things were moving so slowly on getting Vault Tour commitments from partners, we decided to convert one of them to an additional stop in the U.S.

We have since been able to finalize plans for all five scheduled in the United States. We are proud to be running these ourselves, and proud of the work we’ve put into them. Additionally, we felt the conversations we had with international partners were promising. So we continued to work towards securing the five international events.

Through many discussions, we were able to reach agreements with two of them that we feel will be great. These two are in Florence, Italy on October 6-8 and in Shanghai, China September 15-17. These partners are working very hard to bring these events together, and we are grateful for their work.

Sadly, today we must announce that we’ve run out of time to schedule the remaining three Vault Tours stops that were part of our initial vision. We have concluded that it would not be possible to reach the goal of a) having a quality event, and b) having the event transpire in a timely fashion to allow winners to travel to the World Championship event in November.

As such, the Florence, Shanghai, and five U.S. Vault Tours will be the only Vault Tours for 2023.

2023 became the year of building the foundations and bridges for our Organized Play. The process of planning for Vault Tours in 2024 also begins today. Organizers and retailers should look for additional information on new signups in the months ahead.

Our Commitment to International OP Remains Strong!

With three international Vault Tour stops off the table, we find ourselves with $30,000 in unallocated prize support intended for international events. Instead of retaining those funds, we’ve decided instead to use them for prize support in ’23 to international National Championship events in September and October. As such, the first 10 international National Championships approved by Ghost Galaxy (see this article for more information about international national tournaments) will each receive $3,000 in prize support ($1,500 each for Alliance and Archon winners) in the form of travel reimbursements to the winner.

We hope that many fun and exciting National tournaments will be had!

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