International Vault Tour Dates!

Published On: April 24, 2024

Ghost Galaxy announced in February the start of Vault Tour 2024 with five US stops that we would be running ourselves from April to July of 2024. In that same article, we also teased that we were working on securing partnerships for five additional Vault Tours in international regions.

We are proud to announce that dates and locations have been secured for Vault Tour 2024 Vietnam and Vault Tour 2024 Italy!

Vault Tour 2024 Vietnam

Organized by d20 Board Game Cafe, part of the larger group KeyForge Vietnam, will take place on July 12-14 at the Victory Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City. Rooms are available, but there is no specific room block or discount code for the hotel.

The organizer elected to set a price point of $55 USD for this event. Ghost Galaxy is happy the organizers believed they could work with a lower price point, and made no demands on a specific minimum or maximum.

Vault Tour 2024 Italy

AZ Card & Games announced on their YouTube channel both KeyForge: Æmber Skies spoilers and that Vault Tour 2024 Italy will take place on September 13-15. The venue will be the same as 2023, taking place at Circolo Arci SMS Peretola.

This gracious partner has also already agreed to take on the task of running a National Championship two weekends after their Vault Tour, which will take place September 28-29. Nationals will take place at their new headquarters, Via Armando Giachetti, 17, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italia!

The organizer set a price point of $100 EUR for this event. Early ticket discounts, and bundled ticket packages, are being offered by AZ for the events. Additional information can be found on their ticketing page, including how to purchase tickets and register for the events.

More Vaults to Come

We appreciate the patience of the international KeyForge communities as we secure these events. We also sincerely thank our partners for their initiative and willingness to manage them. Both of these things make offering exciting KeyForge events outside of the US possible.

Additional information on more international Vault Tour 2024 stops is coming very soon, and we will be updating all key resources as information becomes available. See our Vault Tour 2024 page for a list of all dates and locations (including US stops!).

Thank you for supporting KeyForge and, as always, we’ll see you in the Crucible!

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