Grim Reminders Coming to Gamefound This Fall

Published On: August 24, 2023

that Which Remains, Remembers!

Since this July, the Winds of Exchange have been blowing across North America, and those same winds are about to make their way to Europe, Asia, and Australia. Yet, as the Fall moon begins to shine, things will take a turn to the grimmer side.

Through the process of re-launching KeyForge, team Ghost Galaxy has learned much about the wonders and pitfalls of crowdfunding, so we are excited for our upcoming KeyForge: Grim Reminders campaign which will launch in late September.

Enter The Geistoids!

From the seeds of a demonic soul, a new power has arisen. What first was but a distant rumor of creatures, of beings made up of remnant things, has now become a terrible scourge emerging from the hinterlands… one that threatens to overrun the Crucible. Driven by the innate resentment of the discarded, and led by the mysterious Amalgamator, the Geistoids are on the march: vengeful entities forged from the detritus left behind by civilization. They are a force that will no longer be forgotten, nor will they forgive those that cast them aside.

Ghost Galaxy is thrilled to present KeyForge: Grim Reminders, the next chapter in the epic KeyForge saga, one that takes a darker turn than those which came before. We will be providing updates, spoilers, and other fun facts about this new KeyForge set as part of the upcoming Gamefound campaign.

The Gamefound Campaign

As with the Winds of Exchange set last year, Ghost Galaxy will be offering Grim Reminders via the Gamefound crowdfunding service. There will be several important changes/improvement from the prior campaign, so be sure to read our plans in detail on the Grim Reminders preview page.

Get a Free Grim Reminders Deck

Ghost Galaxy is offering a free “Awakenings” special edition deck for KeyForge: Grim Reminders to anyone that follows the preview campaign and later pledges during the campaign. To follow the campaign, simply navigate to the gamefound page and press the large green “follow” button.

When Will the Grim Reminders: Campaign go Live?

We are currently targeting September 28th, 2023 for campaign launch and ending the campaign on October 17th, 2023.

I Have More Questions!

Please head over a read our description on the Gamefound preview page which may answer some of your questions. Over the next four weeks, we will be adding additional information to the campaign, including but not limited to a FAQ, pledge reward details, and more.

A New KeyForge Campaign? Where is my “KeyForge: Winds of Exchange” Pledge Reward?

As this is written, all North American campaign pledge rewards for KeyForge: Winds of Exchange has been delivered (representing 80%+ of all pledges) and deliveries for English, French, and Italian are imminent around the world. Production and collation of other languages has just been completed and are expected to reach backers in late October. Backers of KeyForge: Winds of Exchange may read a more detailed fulfillment update here.

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