Ghost Galaxy Acquires KeyForge

Published On: June 22, 2022

There has been a shift!

THE VERY FOUNDATIONS of The Crucible have shifted as a cabal of ancient architects have assumed power of the construct. For the last year, a period of strange greyness had fallen over the land and a quiet despair had begun to creep into the hearts of its denizens. Yet now the rays of a new dawn begin to appear on the horizon. What will it bring?

All of us at Ghost Galaxy are super-excited to today announce that we’ve acquired the IP and publishing rights for the amazing KeyForge game from Asmodee. Fans should strap themselves in for the ride, for we have big plans for the game (and, hopefully, for many new players).

Ghost Galaxy was founded by Christian T. Petersen, the original founder of Fantasy Flight Games. Christian made the original deal with Richard Garfield to publish KeyForge, and alongside his senior management team, oversaw the publishing of KeyForge’s first release Call of the Archons. At Ghost Galaxy, Christian has been fortunate to gather a veteran group of former FFG game-crafters, including the key technology team behind the original KeyForge implementation.

Fans may gander at this article for some initial information about the state of the game and our plans.

More information will be published on this website in the weeks to come. To be among the first to receive KeyForge-related news, we encourage everyone to subscribe to our mailing list .

You may read the press release related to the acquisition here.

A Word from the Designer

“I have enjoyed working with Fantasy Flight and Asmodee, they really put their heart into Keyforge and did an amazing job bringing it to life. It has been disappointing that events conspired to shut it down for so long. It is a delight to see the game now go to a new steward, Ghost Galaxy, and, in fact, the very first person I pitched it to – Christian Petersen. We have similar visions for what is possible for Keyforge, and I think we will be able to do great things!”

Richard Garfield
June 2022

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