Welcome KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound backers!

If you backed the KeyForge: Winds of Exchange campaign on Gamefound and you’ve pledged either the Reaper of Æmber, Breaker of Chains, or Turner of Keys rewards, then this page is for you.

Below you’ll find the form to input custom names for your personalized decks and corresponding playmats (one personalized deck+playmat for Reaper of Æmber pledges, and three personalized decks+playmats for either Breaker of Chains orTurner of Keys).

We’ve also provided some helpful tips and details for what you may expect from your customized decks.

Multiple Rewards in Same Pledge

If you have pledged multiple qualifying rewards—such as both the Reaper of Æmber and the Turner of Keys rewards in the same pledge—then you’ll need to fill out the below form multiple times: being one form submission for each qualifying reward in your pledge (use the same Pledge ID and contact information for each form submission).

Personalized Decks

A Personalized Deck is a KeyForge deck (fully playable and tournament legal) from a given KeyForge set (in this case Winds of Exchange) that includes a name of the backer’s choice. During production, this name is subjected to KeyForge’s Archon name generator algorithm, and a unique Archon name created. For example, a name like “Roberta Smith” may become “Roberta Smith, Dealer in Cohesion” (or any number of other naming blueprints).

What is a naming blueprint?
Our system contains a number of naming structures (i.e. blueprints), such as the following examples:

[O.Fade], the Hall Zookeeper
“Bonesaw” [Xyla], Bayou Lion
[F.P. Manson] of the Necromantic River

[The Snakey Gambler] Ogre of Diyuhag

The term in brackets represents the given name.

Non-English Languages

Please note that regardless of the language used for your custom name, the supporting text will be in English. For example: “The Everking [Søren Månegær] of Hartnox” (although the given personalized name is Danish, the supporting text remains in English).


We cannot guarantee how your personalized name will be generated in the system, or that the name will be in a positive light. (For instance, the above example could output to “Roberta Smith, the Neglector of Wisdom”). This is part of the fun of the naming generator, yet caveat emptor applies here.

Further, we cannot provide any information or provide any guarantee as to the content of the deck (houses, cards, Token Creature, etc.) as it will be generated like any other Winds of Exchange KeyForge deck.

Finally, all submitted names are subject to approval by Ghost Galaxy. Names that would infringe on third-party intellectual property or that are deemed obscene or inappropriate (in Ghosts Galaxy’s sole opinion) will be rejected and asked for re-submittal. Failure to resubmit an approved name within a given time-period may result in a regular deck being provided in the reward in lieu of the Personalized Deck.

Form Information

The form below will ask you for your name, email, and Gamefound Order ID (to which the Reaper of Æmber, Breaker of Chains, or Turner of Keys reward pledge was part of).

Be sure to use the same name and email used in the Gamefound pledge. The Gamefound Pledge ID, may be found on the Gamefound campaign page, under the “Your Pledge” tab.

This is where you’ll find the Pledge ID.

If you have any questions related to filling out this form, please contact us at info@ghostgalaxy.com.

Supported Unicode Characters

The Unicode library we use for personalized decks will support text characters commonly used in the following languages:


Custom Deck Name Form

Please fill out the form below for each Reaper of Æmber, Breaker of Chains, or Turner of Keys reward in your KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound pledge.

Use the name matching that of your Gamefound "Wind of Exchange" pledge

Use the email address matching that of your Gamefound "Wind of Exchange" pledge

Your Pledge ID is found under "Your Pledge" on this page

Only "Reaper of Æmber", "Breaker of Chains", and "Turner of Keys" reward levels have customized decks that require name data.

Please note that the chosen deck colors above will supersede any deck-colors selected in your Gamefound cart.

By submitting this form, I warrant to the best of my knowledge that the custom names provided above do not infringe on the rights of any third party, and I agree that Ghost Galaxy, Inc. may use these names without limitation or restriction.

Further, I agree that Ghost Galaxy, Inc. and its affiliate Gamezenter, Inc., may use the information provided above to contact me by email regarding any of the following: this submission, KeyForge activities and products, the KeyForge: Winds of Exchange Gamefound campaign, or other similar products or services. I understand I may unsubscribe to such emails at any time by navigating to the unsubscribe link found in the emails, or by contacting info@ghostgalaxy.com.