Dive beneath the waves of the Crucible’s oceans with Dark Tidings, the fifth KeyForge set.

Dark Tidings introduces a brand-new House to the game: the Unfathomable an aquatic species that specializes in controlling their opponents by exhausting enemy creatures.

What’s more, every House gains the power to call upon the tides, gaining advantages from high tide and avoiding the punishments of low tide.

Finally, Dark Tidings also brings the possibility of evil twin decks into the game! Any evil twin deck is an exact copy of another deck in existence, except with many of its cards exchanged for their “evil twin” versions, featuring alternate abilities, graphic design, and art.

Undagnathus (Saurian) and her Evil Twin

  • KeyForge: Dark Tidings Deluxe Starter Deck

    MSRP $14.99

  • KeyForge: Dark Tidings - 2 Player Starter Set

    MSRP $29.99

  • KeyForge: Dark Tidings Archon Deck

    MSRP $12.99