Enhance Your Vault Experience

Published On: February 7, 2023

KeyForge brings a lot of unique elements to each player’s deck. From the card name to the card combinations, your decks stand apart from the rest. This grew even more with the introduction of enhancements in Mass Mutations. Cards could now be completely unique from one another. A single card, like Mark of Dis, may feature an enhancement that has not been discovered in any other deck. The possible outcomes grew beyond imagination.

Many requested for this information to be reflected in the Master Vault. This would allow players to not only see the cards in a deck, but also the enhancements given to each of the cards. However, it was believed this information had been lost. That is until now.

Enhancing The Master Vault

Ghost Galaxy is excited to show off our first update to the Master Vault. Decks that include enhanced cards will now show the enhancements for those cards. Players can see the bonus icon appear next to the card receiving the enhancement. When you hover over the card name, the card will display as normal, but now you will also see the bonus icon appear under the card to indicate those enhancements.

See below for examples.

You don’t have to wait long for this update as it goes live….this week! You may notice the change as early as tomorrow.

This is only the first of many improvements to the Master Vault. We are continuing to work on ways to not only improve upon the Master Vault experience, but also add new features that you, the fans, will enjoy.

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