Who put the Æmber in the Vault?

The KeyForge Master Vault is cool!

Users of the Master Vault may add new decks to their Master Vault account by scanning the QR code found on each deck list card. When a deck is registered with the Master Vault for the first time we say that it has been discovered. For each deck discovered by a user, the Master Vault grants that user one Æmber.

Æmber? What is it Good For?

Æmber is a special currency useable only within the Master Vault. At the moment, Æmber may be used only for transferring Master Vault ownership of a deck or to procure an Event Key (needed to participate in Ghost Galaxy’s premiere events). Ghost Galaxy has several other plans for fun uses of your Æmber in the future.

Why can I purchase Æmber on my profile?

Master Vault Æmber provides Ghost Galaxy with a very strong correlation to customers of KeyForge products (i.e. those that buy and discover new decks). It is these customers that allow us to fund programs such as the Vault Tour.

We require that participants in our premiere tournaments spend an Event Key from their Master Vault account (which may be obtained by spending 50 Æmber in the Master Vault).

However, some users may not have the time or treasure to accumulate sufficient Æmber to purchase Æmber-only items (such as an Event Key). Therefore, in lieu of deck-purchases, we have made available a way to purchase Æmber directly as an alternative way to contribute to Ghost Galaxy’s organized play efforts.

WARNING: When purchasing a new deck it is important that you do not share the deck code with others. The unique deck code is found on the deck in the areas indicated by the below graphic. If another player enters the unique ID on your deck, then that player will become the Master Vault owner of the deck instead.

The Unique Deck ID of any deck is located on the List Card
of the deck, both in printed and QR-Code form.