Dawn of the Saurians

Published On: December 28, 2022

KeyForge introduced several new houses over the various sets released. Winds of Exchange returns three of these newer houses, continuing the legacy established by these civilizations. Our latest article shines light on the oldest inhabitants on the Crucible, the dino led Saurian Republic.

A Timeless Existence

For over 65 million years, the Saurian Republic lived on the Crucible. Their current status draws inspiration from the Greco-Roman empire, though with a reptilian spin. They faced many challenges over this time. Ranging from the rise and falls of the culture to the aggression of other houses looking to mark the Saurians as extinct. Many may be led to believe the imposing size of these Mesozoic creatures keep them from falling victim to the sands of time. However, their intellect and political system’s prowess should not be glossed over.

The greatest philosophical Saurian minds fill the Saurian Republic working to lead and shape the culture for the better. While Saurus Rex, first among equals in the Saurian Senate, leads, their legendary debates forge a path to prosperity. The intelligence of these imposing creatures leads to technological advancements that rival even those of House Mars. It’s said the Saurian technology strikes such a perfect balance of beauty and advancement that some mistake it for outworldly powers at play.

Saurians play center around the exalt ability, allowing the player to put Æmber on it. Exalted creatures can gain powerful bonus abilities if done, like in the case of Ballistego which gains splash-attack. Many politicians like Longusaur Lector have served on the Saurian Republic for many years, they still face uncertainty when it comes Election time. Not all seek to serve through political means though, Aristotlmimus, Platopelta, and Socraterosaurus prefer to keep their snouts in the books of philosophy to sway the Saurian direction.

Battles are unavoidable though and House Saurian knows they must train to stay ahead. While they often have enough recruits to fill the ranks, a Conscription is ready for times of need. Every Trooper undergoes extensive training from the Legionary Trainer to perfect their battlelines. The sharpest of recruits become a Phalanx Leader raising the strength of those among them. Some prefer to fight alone. Aquilia, Lone Hero, strives in these situations. Others, like Imperator Drusilla, see the fall of allies as a necessary casualty of battle and war.

House Saurian built up quite the reputation over its existence. Do you support the Saurian Republic? Are they a house you feel compelled to call on when seeking the Vault’s knowledge? We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this house.

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