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Published On: July 26, 2023

Attention international (i.e. non U.S.) tournament organizers and retailers! The moment you’ve long awaited is finally here: Ghost Galaxy is now accepting applications for 2023 National Championships internationally.

To apply to run a national championship your country, you will need to fill out the form located here*. Ghost Galaxy will carefully review each KeyForge National Championship application, and if it is approved, the tournament organizer applicant (TO) of the international national championship will be required to purchase a 2023 National Championship Kit (cost of kit may be recouped by proceeds from ticket fees).

UPDATE 8/9/2023: Applications for National Championship kits for 2023 has closed

All Kitted Out

What’s in the 2023 National Championship Kit? We’re glad you asked! Inside, you’ll find an assortment of prizes with full retail value of nearly $1,000 USD. We have included prizes for Archon, Alliance, and Second Æmber. Here’s what the kit includes:

Archon and Alliance

    • Champion: 1 Champion Playmat, 1 Keyforge Vault Deck Box, 1 Set of Premium Keys, 1 Set of Art Sleeves, 1 Set of Acrylic Stun Tokens, and an Invite to the World Championship!

    • Runner-Up: 1 Runner-Up Playmat, 1 Set of Premium Keys, 1 Set of Art Sleeves, 1 Set of Acrylic Stun Tokens, and an Invite to the World Championship!

    • Top 4: 1 Top 4 Playmat, 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Set of Acrylic Stun Tokens

    • Top 8: 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Set of Acrylic Stun Tokens

Second Æmber

    • Prize Raffles 1-5: 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Set of Metal Armor Tokens

    • Prize Raffle 6: 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Duskrunner Statuette

    • Prize Raffle 7: 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Security Enforcer Statuette

    • Prize Raffle 8: 1 Set of Art Sleeves, and 1 Niffle Ape Statuette

Additionally, there will be 9 extra sets of art sleeves and a 6’ long KeyForge National Championship vinyl banner with a banner stand included in the kit. We suggest using the extra sleeves as additional raffle prizes, and using the banner to promote the event. You could give away the banner in a final memorabilia raffle at the end of your tournament!

World Championship Invites

The first and second-place finishers in each Archon and Alliance National Championship will receive an invitation to attend the 2023 KeyForge World Championship this November.

But there’s more: Because Ghost Galaxy had to limit our international ’23 Vault Tours to only two locations, we’ve decided to distribute the prize money from the three missing international Vault Tour stops to a select number of National Championship events instead (you may read about this here). As such, uniquely in ’23, the first 10 international National Championship applications approved by Ghost Galaxy will be able to offer up to $1,500 USD in travel reimbursement to each of their two National Champions to help them attend the 2023 KeyForge World Championship event in Roseville, Minnesota.

The travel assistance benefit will be provided in the form of a reimbursement. We will not be providing cash to champions or stores directly. Champions will need to book their own travel and accommodation, and then submit receipts to Ghost Galaxy to receive their travel assistance reimbursement. Travel expense reimbursements are limited to flights and hotels.

Both benefits are contingent upon attendance minimums. Qualifying Archon and Alliance tournaments must host 8+ attendees to provide 2023 KeyForge World Championship invites, and 16+ attendees to provide the travel assistance. Tournaments below these minimums will forfeit invite and travel benefits but are still welcome to hand out prizes as outlined above.

National Championship Kit Pricing and Availability

The 2023 KeyForge National Championship Kit is priced at $500 USD and includes FREE international shipping. Purchasing one of these kits is a requirement for running a National Championship.

We can only approve one 2023 National Championship application per country. The application must be filled out by the person who will be serving in the role of Tournament Organizer (aka Event Organizer), as defined by the KeyForge Tournament Rules and Guidelines.

Applications to run a 2023 National Championship will be open until August 8th, 2023. Once applications are closed, Ghost Galaxy will review and approve all suitable applications. Approved applicants will receive an emailed invoice to complete the purchase. After purchase is complete, Ghost Galaxy will assemble and send the kit.

Event Requirements

KeyForge National Championships must run between August 13th, 2023 and October 13th, 2023 to receive any of the benefits outlined above and offer valid invites to the 2023 KeyForge World Championship. Failure to run the event in time will forfeit those benefits and invites.

Plan for an event space of at least 32, but 64 seats or more are preferred. Larger venues are preferred over smaller ones. Additionally, organizers will need to recruit their own event staff and qualified judges.

Events must include an Alliance tournament, an Archon tournament, and Second Æmber tournaments. It is very important that all of our tournament formats are represented. Purchasing a KeyForge National Championship Kit is an agreement to run all of these tournaments. These events may be spaced across multiple days or run all in one day based on local factors.

Playstile must be used to run events and set up to charge one (1) Event Key for each Archon and Alliance tournaments. Instructions for how to access this software and set up Event Keys will be provided to the the organizer once their tournament is approved. Tournament organizers or event venues may charge additional, reasonable entry fees to cover their costs and time.

UPDATE: Applications for National Championship kits for 2023 has closed

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