Behold, The Philosophy of Tournaments Is Revealed!

Published On: November 1, 2022

Even Battalions Follow Rules

Last month, we revealed the envisioned formats for Organized Play in 2023. These formats, while still undergoing testing, will be the center of official OP tournaments running throughout next year.

We are now ready to reveal the first edition of the KeyForge Tournament Guidelines! These guidelines will help all attending a KeyForge event know how to run a KeyForge tournament. Our goal is to help tournament organizers and players get a sense of familiarity no matter what tournament they attend, shall it be in the United States, Europe, or further abroad.

Of important note, you will find the Alliance Restricted List included in these guidelines. This list will be used at KeyForge Celebration 2022.

Similar to the OP Formats, these guidelines may see changes and adjustments before the year’s end as we take feedback.

Archons may notice that the guidelines mention the Master KeyForge Rulebook, which is what we will be calling our living set of rules going forward. The Master Rulebook will feature version notation to distinguish it from previous versions. However, the Master Rulebook is still being worked on and not ready to be revealed. This means the most recent version (15.1) still stands and will be the active rules for KeyForge until the new rulebook is released. You can find this rulebook linked by going here.

The Crucible beckons those ready for a challenge. So rise to the occasion, race to reap Æmber, forge keys, and unlock the mysteries of the vault. So fellow Archons, what houses will you align with to accomplish your goal? We look forward to all of you attending KeyForge Celebration 2022!

– Team Ghost Galaxy

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