Baltimore Vault Tour 2024 Results

Published On: July 1, 2024

Vault Tour 2024 continued in Baltimore, Maryland. For three action-packed days Games and Stuff, a store with over 20 years of history in the area, welcomed 76 players to the Bay to reap Æmber, forge keys, and compete for the ultimate KeyForge title: Vault Warrior.

Three tournaments were completed across the weekend in each of KeyForge’s competitive formats: Sealed, Archon, and Alliance. Champions who did not already hold the Vault Warrior title attained it and were awarded an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship in November in addition to all their other prizes.

Champions are forged

Across all three main tournaments held over the weekend, we narrowed down to the Top 8 of each and crowned three tournament champions. Several players managed to snag top spots for different formats, as was the case with Vault Tour Roseville, Vault Tour Rochester, and Vault Tour San Antonio. New and old champions rose to prominence, forging their legends and writing their stories into the pages of history.


Baltimore showed how much KeyForge players love having Sealed as a major competitive format, seeing 70 players sign up on Friday to play in the event. This is currently the highest attendance for any Vault Tour main tournament this year!

Players were expected to compete using 1-3 sealed KeyForge: Grim Reminders decks constructed using the Alliance deck mechanics.

Sealed allows players to swap house pods from their three decks between rounds. Because of this, we do not have a detailed breakdown of the houses used, pod selections, or top cards of this tournament.

Sealed Champion - Siaka
Sealed Runner-Up - FlamingHobo

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Unlinked decks in the listing are not yet scanned into the Master Vault and are therefore not public.

Top 4 - Miggy9001
Top 4 - CatMarrow
Top 8 - JJ
Top 8 - Jovi
Top 8 - King-of-Bling
Top 8 - Commander Zhao


Archon welcomed 60 participants on Saturday. The specter of KeyForge: Grim Reminders continued to loom, representing 47% of the total field. KeyForge: Winds of Exchange stormed into second place, taking a respectable 22% of set representation. Most of KeyForge’s major sets were represented by at least one deck. Here’s the full field breakdown:

Geistoids continue to haunt the KeyForge competitive scene, but this time their best allies turned out to be the folks of Star Alliance. Both houses tied for 21 deck representations. Mars, often a favorite choice, slipped quite a bit in popularity to just 15 deck representations. Here are the top 10 houses:

  1. Geistoid (21 decks)
  2. Star Alliance (21 decks)
  3. Brobnar (20 decks)
  4. Unfathomable (18 decks)
  5. Ekwidon (17 decks)
  6. Logos (16 decks)
  7. Mars (15 decks)
  8. Untamed (14 decks)
  9. Saurian (11 decks)
  10. Sanctum (10 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Archon decks were:

  1. Junk Restoration (20 total)
  2. Reaver (19 total)
  3. Open the Seal (17 total)
  4. Boo! (16 total)
  5. Berserker Slam (15 total)
  6. Ironyx Rebel (15 total)
  7. Winds of Death (15 total)
  8. Gemcoat Vendor (14 total)
  9. Generous Offer (14 total)
  10. Be Our Geist (12 total)

Archon Results

Below is the full list of Top 8 competitors for Archon at Vault Tour 2024 Baltimore

Champion: CatMarrow* playing Bandola, Archmage of the Spined Plateau from Grim Reminders

Runner-Up: Jovi playing The Scaley Thatcher of Wellscopse from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Nobe72 playing Eternal O. Adaptifetina from Grim Reminders

Top 4: Varghast playing Sulphurous Séverin of the Satellite from Grim Reminders

Top 8: General Store playing Macedon, the Baron of Evolution from Worlds Collide

Top 8: Ooklah playing Æmber Sentinel GROND! and Company from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Vhorlon playing Herder Milica Panfauzhee from Grim Reminders

Top 8: Sprek playing Ursulfoil Gagnon-Briouse, Councilor from Winds of Exchange

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Archon Champion - CatMarrow
Archon Runner-Up - Jovi (Center)
Top 4 - Nobe72
Top 4 - Varghast
Top 8 - General Store
Top 8 - Ooklah
Top 8 - Vhorlon
Top 8 - Sprek


Alliance ran simultaneously with Archon on Saturday. It saw 14 participants forge alliances. Because of the smaller attendance number, Ghost Galaxy decided to “run out” the 2LO rounds without a Top Cut. Players played until they had two losses, which continued until only two remained. Those players then played a best-of-three final match.

KeyForge: Winds of Exchange blew away all the other sets, having the most representations among the sets fielded. KeyForge: Grim Reminders still cast a shadow, fielding three. Nearly every other KeyForge main set was represented. The full set breakdown is:

Untamed ran wild in Alliance, taking spots in six of the decks. Not far behind were the scientists of both Logos and Star Alliance, finding spots in five decks each. Geistoid found itself in the bottom few of house selection despite being in all Grim Reminders alliances. The house breakdown is as follows:

  1. Untamed (6 decks)
  2. Logos (5 decks)
  3. Star Alliance (5 decks)
  4. Brobnar (4 decks)
  5. Mars (4 decks)
  6. Dis (3 decks)
  7. Ekwidon (3 decks)
  8. Geistoid (3 decks)
  9. Unfathomable (3 decks)
  10. Sanctum (2 decks)

The top 10 cards that appeared most frequently in Alliance decks were:

  1. Legionary Trainer (6 total)
  2. Rant and Rive (6 total)
  3. Abyssal Sight (5 total)
  4. Brikk Nastee (5 total)
  5. Medic Ingram (5 total)
  6. Blernean Hydra (4 total)
  7. Boo! (4 total)
  8. Control the Weak (4 total)
  9. Crushing Deep (4 total)
  10. Infurnace (4 total)

Alliance Results

Below are the Top 8 competitors for Alliance at Vault Tour 2024 Baltimore

Champion: FrogLegs* playing an Alliance of Logos, Untamed, and Star Alliance from Dark Tidings

Runner-Up: Miggy9001 playing an Alliance of Saurian, Ekwidon, and Unfathomable from Winds of Exchange; with the token creature Scholar

Top 4: Snek playing an Alliance of Geistoid, Mars, and Untamed from Grim Reminders

Top 4: JulieJuly playing an Alliance of Mars, Saurian, and Sanctum from Winds of Exchange; with the token creature Scholar

Top 8: Fakey playing an Alliance of Logos, Shadows, and Dis from Call of the Archons

Top 8: Hammersmythe playing an Alliance of Untamed, Geistoid, and Star Alliance from Grim Reminders

Top 8: MooseManDude playing an Alliance of Mars, Logos, and Untamed from Age of Ascension

Top 8: Toasterfire playing an Alliance of Brobnar, Star Alliance, and Shadows from Vault Masters 2024

* – This person received an invite to the KeyForge 2024 World Championship for this format, and the coveted title of Vault Warrior!

Alliance Champion - FrogLegs (Right)
Alliance Runner-Up - Miggy9001 (Center)
Top 4 - Snek
Top 4 - JulieJuly
Top 8 - Fakey

Additional photos of the Alliance Top 8 including players Hammersmythe, MooseManDude, and Toasterfire are unavailable due to circumstances outside of Ghost Galaxy’s control. We wish these players all the best, and congratulations on your Top 8 finishes!

Second Æmber

Players who got knocked out of the main tournaments on Friday and Saturday participated in the Second Æmber tournaments where they could earn chances to win a variety of prizes including sealed KeyForge decks, deck boxes, and even the adorable Floomf.

Sealed Second Æmber had 38% of eliminated players joining continue forging, while “Saturday Second Æmber” saw 34% of attendees join after being eliminated from Archon or Alliance. A total of 52 players (27 for Sealed, 25 for Saturday Second Æmber) competed in 172 games across the weekend. The winners of Second Æmber, that is to say those who had the most wins after joining, were AlbinoCheeseMonkey for Sealed, and Lokekar for Saturday Second Æmber. Congratulations on your performances, o’ Reapers of Æmber!


KeyForge: Menagerie and KeyForge: Unchained saw some love with our Sunday mini-tournament, aka “Menagerie Goes Off the Chain“. This iternation saw 18 players bring their best decks to battle against each other. Menagerie continued to be a top choice, and these two players went undefeated:

Our Weekend Key-Warrior, the person with the most wins across all Second Æmber events and the mini-tournament, was AlbinoCheeseMonkey. He certainly earned the title as he not only won several of the side event activities, but had a total of 10 wins across the weekend.

AlbinoCheeseMonkey, Weekend Key-Warrior

So many games, so much stuff

Ghost Galaxy must give a special thanks to our host, Games and Stuff. This gaming store has been a fixture in Baltimore’s gaming communities for over 20 years, and now is in the biggest and coolest location they’ve ever had. Paul, the owner, has also been involved with game industry initiatives for decades. His experience shows in the games the store supports, and the welcoming and inclusive staff that he has put together. Working with the store was a top notch experience, and we’re happy to recommend checking them out if you’re ever in the area. If you do, don’t forget to ask about their local KeyForge team, the Bay Witches. Thanks so much Paul, all his staff, Game and Stuff, and the local team for being such wonderful hosts!

Key Coverage

Just like with other Vault Tours, we streamed directly to the Ghost Galaxy YouTube! For the whole weekend, we provided coverage on Sealed, Archon, and Alliance to keep you connected to the Vault Tour action.

Just like the other tour stops, continued community involvement was a primary goal. You’ll see several community members doing guest commentary across the weekend coverage. Thank you to all who lent a hand.

Check out the video for Day 1 coverage, and if you’re hungry for more please go to our YouTube page to see the rest. Subscribe to see future content while you’re there!

KeyForge on Tour

You still have chances to compete in the KeyForge Vault Tour this year! Visit the links below to learn more about all upcoming events (including hotel blocks!).

Las Vegas, NV is July 12-14

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is July 12-14

Hamburg, Germany is August 9-11

Shanghai, China is September 6-8

Florence, Italy is September 13-15

Madrid, Spain is September 27-29

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